theTVaddict First Look: SUPERNATURAL Season Finale Pics

Dying to find out what happens in the much anticipated two-part SUPERNATURAL season finale? Click the link below to check out some fantastic new photos just obtained by But Jared Padalecki fans be warned, Sam is noticeably absent from the majority of the photos. *Gulp*

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  • bigblackguy

    I knew hes alive hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE they HAVE to bring SAM back to life somehow!!!! I love Dean’s character to bits but it wouldn’t be Supernatural without Sam. Surely Eric Kripke knows that??????? Oh man, if there isn’t a season three, or if there is a season three with no Sam, there’s gonna be a LOT of angry fans! Eric Kripke, for your own safety, BRING SAM BACK TO LIFE FOR A SEASON THREE!!! AND MAKE SURE THAT BOTH SAM AND DEAN ARE ALIVE FOR THE FINALE OF SEASON THREE!!!!!

  • Salome

    lol, of course sam is back, now they just have to work out some way for dean not to die at the end of season 3. (tut tut, deals with demons are bad things!)

    Hmmmm… is it just me or has sammy turned a wee bit evil?

  • Supernaturalfan

    Yeaa sam is turned a bit evil but i tink sam and dean is going to find a way out of the deal whit the demons!!!

  • Supernaturalfan

    Meee want That Car!!!!!

  • dont worry sam fans dean brings him back so if you missed the episode his ok but dean is goiing to die in one year now since he brought back his brother. shocker Not much i mean we are talking about dean here.

  • Dean is so hot so please sdon’t make him die let sam save him and bring back the show

  • Sam ant dead guys thats great but come on we all saw it comin his brother was going to do somthin to save him. even if it meant takin his life thats right deans going to die in one year but they have a year to save him somhow so bring back the show and for the season finale of season 3 make sam save deans life that would rock!!!!!!!!!

  • SAM is alive your stupid if you thought he was going to die!!!!!!!! lol
    just don’t make dean die he is so hottt!!!!

  • I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  • Mike

    It would be an magnificent end to the series. But screw the end. Lets beg for an third season.

  • monz

    sammy dies and dean makes a deal with the red eyed deamon “cross road blues” to bring him back and yes that is the colt

  • ROLFMAO!!!!!!!! Supernatural pwnage and so on…


  • Coni

    oh god! nooo not sam! please, i love him, he can’t die!
    if he dies, i won’t watch the show any more,
    i’m so sad

  • sam

    greatest episode yet!!! can’t believe dean made that deal!! can’t wait till season 3!!!!

  • Matty Boy

    Oh, Wow ! ! !

    I’m still jumping after the season final, I can’t wait to see what happens. With Yellow Eye’s dead… And Deans life in the balance, and was Yellow Eyes telling us the truth about Sam ?
    Will he become Evil or can he control himself, did the Demon do something to him before giving him, his life back ?

    I simply can’t wait for Next year !!!!
    Thanks – Be – To- The – Networks
    For keeping this Amazing show alive, Seriously Thanks Guys !

  • Charlotte

    Season three is gonna be awesome! I’m really jealous of all you guys in the States who get to see it before us Brits! I hope they find a way to save Dean!

  • Well I am glad Sam didn’t die because supernatural wouldnt be the same if he had died!And Iam sure that Sam will find a why to save his Older Brother Dean because without Dean it wouldnt be the same either But i am real anxious to know what happens to Dean after the one year gets to him! And Hey does anyone knows when the other eposide is going to happen!!!!!!!! IF you Do please but here so i can find out !

  • Well any ways Guys there is no why Sam and Dean can die because the they would not be supernatural! And plus if Dean is given one year sam would do any thing to bring him back like he did when he got electricuted!and dean will not let sam dies.

  • kirsty**

    JARED CANT DIE!!!!!! i Looooove himto bits, hes to hot to die!!! i mean cmon he dies in house of wax to…. pleaaaaseee nooooooo

  • OMFG

    omg just stop moaning! he wont die, well he will but then Dean would make a deal and bring him back…
    and the colt comes from the demon itself, well i dont want to spoil the episode for ya xD


    OMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG. Im soooooooooooooooooooo jelous. In Australia we havent even seen the3 seson finle

  • Jade

    Is there going to be a season three god i hope so lol i love this show so they had better not cancel the show.

  • Hannah

    well i think that sam is dead but he wont stay dead. cause in the show he found out that he had demon blood in him, and it is not easy to kill a demon (apparently) so i think he is temporarily dead

  • They can’t kill Sam. If they do Dean will have nothing. Poor Dean. He looks so sad. I’m sure Dean will find a way to bring Sammy back to life. Dean can’t let Sam die because there the Winchester brothers and there always there for eachother. Don’t die on us Sam. Bring on season 3! I watch the show every week. DON’T KILL SAMMY!

  • just got d info supernatural will be bck on next year so look out 4 it LOVE D SHOW 2 BITS CANT WAIT UNTILS ITS ON AGIN NEXT YEAR SAM+DEAN 2U 2 R D BEST

  • i hope sammy dies because i got a bet saying sammy will die for $20

  • moonxglobal

    sam dies but then comes back to life
    dean sells his soul to bring him back from the dead and he only had 1 year
    john came from hell and is free because yellow eyes is dead
    the gates to hell open so about 100 – 200 demons come out
    and this is how there should be a season 3

  • season 3 will have two bimbo girls in it. It had to happen eventually didnt it! program makers today cant seem to make a program without adding bimbos to provide sex and love interest. If the show loses viewers next season because of this which I think it will, they only have themselves to blame.
    Dont they ever learn. We dont need love and bimbos in the show, its great as it is. Dont you agree?

  • Charlotte

    Julie, I totally agree! Two bimbos will just drag the show down. Haven’t producers made the connection that the reason people tend to stop watching shows in their third/fourth seasons is because they change so much in the show? Sometimes they introduce new characters, sometimes they introduce ridiculous plotlines, either way they often manage to spoil it. It’s ‘Supernatural’, I love it to bits, so I’ll give season three a chance, but the show is fine as it is, so STOP MEDDLING WITH IT! Much love x

  • maisy

    i wish it will be have supernatural season 3 when?!?!?! on TV i want to know when?? i can’t wait! i love them i know it will be back”” ( my friend toold me that find out about that!)

    i want to them to carry on supernatural its best. i been watch it with my all friend at my school it s fab. my friend keep ask me ” can i borrow your dvd of supernatural please??” i said yeh you can!” do you like supernatural?” they said ” yes of course they’re so wicked man, i fancy dean whichester. other friendd say i fancy sam whicheseter! they’re excied when see them face!! they keep dream about them. awwwww i said awww blesss you! i love both of them!!

    please keep goin on film it’s really good. i’m sure it will be best for everyone like it because it’s sexy and scary, creepy, wicked! hope looking forward supernatural season 3 on tv!! tell me when!!

    maize xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    i making my story about a werewolf VS Ghost”

  • Maisy, if you live in the US then the new series of Supernatural starts in October. If you live in the UK, then you have to wait until February next year.

  • Charlotte

    Hey Guys, I’m confused, will these two female characters be regulars in every episode, or will they just appear occasionally like Jo did? Much love x

  • Charlotte

    Hey guys, I’m confused, will the two new female characters be regulars who appear every episode, or will they just appear occasionally like Jo did? Anyone know? Much love x

  • Charlotte

    Stupid server keeps crashing and I have no idea if these comments are posting or not! Apologies if they are x