GH Shocker: Worst Plot Twist Ever?

Let’s get this right… so GENERAL HOSPITAL wants us to believe that Mr. Craig – the guy who held half of Port Charles hostage and shot Robin Scorpio, is, in fact, Jerry Jax? To paraphrase THE SIMPSON’s Comic Book Guy, “Worst. Twist. Ever.”

When suave baddie Mr. Craig – as played by charismatic Sebastian Roche – stole the show during February’s Metro Court hostage crisis, the folks behind the scenes went into overdrive trying to figure out how they could keep both the actor and character on the canvas. Having already gone the “bad-guy-gets-a-good-twin” route with both the Ruiz and Alcazar brothers, the writers decided to give Jax’ brother, Jerry (previously played by Julian Stone) a new face and try to sell us on the notion that rackish Jerry had somehow morphed into sociopathic James Craig.

All together now: “Say what?”

So Jerry shot Robin, whom Jax has always been quite fond of? And didn’t kill his brother’s long-time rival, Sonny, despite having the perfect opportunity? In fact, Jerry instead thrust Sonny and Carly into close quarters which led to them (briefly) rekindling their fiery romance. And when the hostage crisis was going on, wasn’t Jax supposed to be off-canvas helping Jerry deal with some crisis?

This twist has more holes than a GH set after one of their weekly shootouts.

Worse, it is yet another case of GH glorifying violence and working overtime to fill the canvas with criminals. In Monday’s episode alone, Sam shot and killed one bad guy, beat another and we saw flashbacks of her violently blowing away her former husband; then there was Patrick being beaten senseless by Craig/Jerry, Nikolas nearly snapping Craig/Jerry’s neck… and finally, the disgusting reveal that a character we once knew and loved has now morphed into a psychotic madman.

Is the fact that he’s Jax’ brother somehow supposed to excuse his actions? Are we to think, “Oh, sure, he blew up a hotel, shot Robin, indirectly was responsible for Alan’s death… but he’s just so darn likeable!”

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings — combined with the FCC’s soon-to-be-released study on the influence of televised violence on society — it might be time for the folks at GH to stop turning bad guys into heroes and instead return the show to its roots. Perhaps one day, they’ll actually remember that the long-running sudser supposedly revolves around a hospital.

But we won’t hold our breath.

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  • Tim Wilkins

    GH has been “mob central” for years now. Fav’s are back burned or shoved off the show (hello Kristina Wagner aka Felicia) or killed off (Stuart Damon’s Alan). They bring back Noah Drake for a possible Bobbie romance and where is he? Where’s Robert Scorpio? Wasn’t he brought back too? For what? GH doesn’t know how to use them. Here’s the kicker, SoapNet will have a summer series based on GH at night. How many wanna guess where the hospital will be? Only in the opening scenes. lol Tim W.

  • All I can add to this review and commentary is a very unoriginal: ditto.

    Well said.

  • jun

    What does rackish mean?

  • Amber

    Holy Crap! I mean I was just watching and and wondering what the hell Craig was doing listening in on Jax and mummy dearest and just did not pay attention to this turn of events (Damn you internet that steals my attention.) That’s just craptacular and so unbelievable, its hard enough dealing with them making Elizabeth so stupid and wishwasy with this whole not telling the truth about her baby to Lucky and the world. Ugh, just so going to the bad place, they need new writers. *makes note to send resume*

  • Kathy

    It would have been bad enough just to recast Jerry in that I think Julian can be the only real Jerry. But they’re doing it through a completely ridiculous character change and stupid plot. Guess it only affirms I made the right choice to give up on GH 6 1/2 years ago when the only real Jerry left. Don’t miss it…Guza can only manage drek…that was true 7 years ago and I see nothing’s changed.

  • First off – @ JUN- i think he was trying to write “rakish” – not “rackish” – and rakish …. well, think of captain jack sparrow.
    charming bad boy? more or less.

    anyway – i TOTALLY AGREE and am so completely in denial. they aren’t leaving it like that. perhaps, um… you know what, i just don’t know.

    i don’t know how they’re gonna spin this – but that is NOT jerry. no freaking way. i’m disgusted with the entire sam line – WHEN THE HELL WILL THEY KILL THAT VAPID WOMAN OFF THE SHOW?

    and jerry – no, i maintain it will be a twist – the real jerry was kidnapped and uh…

    something like that. i’m not coherent at the moment, sorry about all the bad writing.

  • Mr. Brightside

    Wasn’t Jerry involved with Bobbie? CARLY’S MOTHER?

    Mind you he’s a great actor but it will take something huge for the fans to get over all the points he mentioned. I mean he shot St. Robin

  • jun

    Ah, yes. I’m familiar with ‘rakish’. 🙂

  • shanna

    I don’t remember the original Jerry very much but I remeber enough to know that Jerry, the REAL Jerry was charming, funny and a piss-poor thief (hence Jax always having to bail him out). The writers are not only on crack but they think their audience is indulging too.