Seven Questions for HEROES Fans

Now I’m no conspiracy buff, but even I can’t help but notice a pattern when it comes to HEROES and the number seven. Take last night’s episode for example. HEROES finally returned after a seven week hiatus. The episode was titled, “0.7%” — which in case you’re wondering, also happens to be the percentage of the earth’s population that would be annihilated if New York were to explode (say, at the hands of an exploding man). And coincidentally, theTVaddict has seven questions that I’ve been pondering since the episode ended. Feel free to chime in if you have any of the answers.

1. Be it Nathan, Peter or Claire, each Petrelli member has some sort of power. Which naturally begs the question, what’s Mamma Petrelli’s power? Futhermore. If Linderman can heal things, why didn’t he bother to heal Nathan and Peter’s father?

2. Did more than seven viewers actually believe Peter was dead?

3. How many more times are the HEROES writers going to go to the ‘shapeshifting well’. It was neat the first time (when Missy Peregrym’s character pretended to be HRG’s wife), but now it’s just getting predictable.

4. What exactly does Linderman need Micah for? Is it possible he needs him to rig those electronic voting machines — ensuring Nathan wins his upcoming election. Linderman, some advice if I may. If you’re looking to rig an election, there are far easier ways to do so. Paging Karl Rove.

5. Is Isaac really dead? And if so, could Sylar have done us a favour and taken Mohinder with him. Mohinder is now officially the most useless character on the show. I’m pretty sure we’ve learned everything we can from his father’s research.

6. Why was Sylar’s style of painting so different than Isaacs? Apparently Sylar can only replicate ones power, not their talent.

7. Finally, isn’t future Hiro meeting present Hiro against the rules of time travel? I’m pretty sure in some random STAR TREK episode I watched ten years ago — okay, the series finale titled “All Good Things”, and yes I’m apparently a huge nerd — we learned that when your future and present self meet, it causes some sort of explosion that will rip a hole in the space-time continuum. What are the repercussions of their meeting? And more importantly, is future Hiro going to give present Hiro some clothing advice? How much cooler is future Hiro’s super-hero costume?

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  • Rae

    1. My guess is that she’s thet one Peter gets his foretelling dreams from. For months I’ve been trying to figure out who gave him the power to see things in his dreams. I wondered if it could be Simone or her father at first but now I think it may be Mama Petrelli. Especially since it would explain how she knew about the boys’ powers long before they did.

    2. I don’t think the writers ever thought the viewers would believe he was dead.

    3. I agree though I actually think using it for the purposes of getting Micah was good because that is what Linderman would have her on staff for… it was the Claire part that was pointless.

    5. I think so… we’ve seen that Hiro can’t go back and save anyone so I think Issac is a goner.

    6. Well, we already knew that since Peter also couldn’t replicate Issac’s drawing ability. 😉

    7. Maybe that’s why Future!Hiro seemed so annoyed to see his past self?

  • Nimisha

    1. I know this is farfetched but I think that Linderman is Nathan and Peters father, because up until now both parents have had powers so that the child has powers (ex: Jessica/Nikki and DL for Micah, Nathan and Firestarter Lady for Claire?) On the NBC website the graphic novels show that Mr.Petrelli had no powers and thought Linderman a freak for having powers. Which is probably why Linderman didnt heal Mr.Petrelli. And I think Rae is right that Mama Petrelli has the power to see things in dreams.

    2. I never believed he was dead, but he didnt get a scar that future Hiro said he had either. On the upside the new slickbacked hairdo means no more bangs.. lol

    3. I agree, its almost like using the whole “it was all a dream” sequence.. i hate when TV shows do that..

    4. The online graphic novels say that Linderman owns the software that runs the New York voting process, so I dont think Micah will be used for that, but maybe to make sure the tracking system for “the Company” to stay intact? because HRG is trying to bring it down..

    5. Mohinder makes way to many mistakes, hopefully Peter goes back to talk to him and saves his ass again…

    6. As with the superhearing, Sylar cant control his new powers right away, maybe in time he can refine his skills more?

    7. Same with Harry Potter (yes im a nerd) it is dangerous for your future self and present self to meet… theres a new graphic novel posted today that might explain why the future Hiro was pissed to see present day Hiro..

  • Nimisha — Rest Assured there is nothing nerdy about Harry Potter! But reading the HEROES online comic… that is seriously hardcore. But thanks for the post and the insight into the comic. I was too much TV to make time for the comic.

  • Xigam

    If you take all of the Star Trek Universe (all shows/etc) into account. There are times a past and present person meet. Worf’s son meets his future self in ST:TNG. Janeway meets her past self at the end of the Voyager series. No explosion.

    All the strings make me think about multiple timelines, and Hiro’s future self has been trying to figure out where things went wrong, I think he’s mad at his past self for causing/not stopping the ‘bad’ future. I bet we get to see what the world is like after the explosion via Hiro’s time travel forward, then we see him travel back and fix it so there is no nuclear explosion.

  • Xigam

    Maybe you just need an EMP explosion to clear The Company’s tracking computer anyway.. that would be less lives lost.. burn bright not hot?

  • Steven

    6. Why was Sylar’s style of painting so different than Isaacs? Apparently Sylar can only replicate ones power, not their talent.

    I think that it has more to do with the way that Sylar sees the world. Everything is twisted for him, and his painting style reflects that.

  • 1 – no idea, but I am convinced she (a) is “a bad guy”, and (b) killed her husband

    2 – no, but we thought nathan was going to bring him to linderman for healing

    3 – couldn’t agree more, it’s a terrible Deus Ex Machina for the writers. She’s gotta go.

    5 – I think we are in fact done with Isaac (he really isn’t all that interesting), and I don’t agree on Mohinder – “the list” is still out there and only he gets how to recreate it…

    6 – agreed with a previous commentor – he’s freaking psycho

    7 – I have to say, my favorite “TV/movie logic for time travel” so far is Bill and Ted’s – not kidding! That said, I dont mind future/present Hiros meeting at all, the only question really is how/why did Future Hiro pick this moment to meet Present Hiro? I also recommend reading The Time Travelers Wife for an excellent novel in a time travel world.

    Last night’s episode also prompted me to revise my “drinking game”:

  • christine

    is this a coincidence that I am the seventh person to make a comment…hmmm…

    uno)if mama Petrelli was to have a power it might be what Rae said, for Peter’s mom to have the power to have visions or premonitions. It sure would explain a lot.

    dos)i thought to myself if Claire “died” when that piece of wood was stuck in her head, and Peter can use her power then maybe the glass made him “dead”. So I figured after Claire pulled out the glass, that she would because she probably would know what was up….know what i mean?

    tres)i think using the shapeshifting power is not being over used, do you say “when will issac stop painting?” or “when will claire stop healing?”, Candice is just using her power like how all of the other heroes do.

    cuatro)i was thinking the same thing, maybe he’s going to use Micah to rig the machines but he might use Micah’s power for something more useful….or maybe he does want to win that bad.

    cinco)well Mohinder is not a total useless character, if it wasn’t for him Claire wouldn’t have taken out the glass in Peters head right? and in the preview fo rnext weeks episode he looks like he is calculating more research helping to limit the “hero genetic”. and well, maybe Issac is really dead, because according to his paintings he sure looks like it.

    seis)and i gotta agree with Steven, becaus eit probably is the way Sylar see’s the word through his eyes.

    siete)and if Hiro meeting Future Hiro was to break the space time continuim then he wouldn’t have teleported there, that was probably meant to happen so Hiro “can save the world”, because they have already “saved the cheerleader”….C:


  • Courtney

    7 – I think that maybe the Hiro-Hiro meeting was explosion-less because both Hiros knew that they could time-travel, and therefore weren’t perplexed at the idea that they were seeing each other? (Harry Potter actually did see his time-travel self, he just didn’t know that he was seeing himself)

  • Riles

    1. I agree Linderman is the Petrelli’s father.
    2. No way was Peter dead.
    3. I thought the same…no more cheap shapeshifting, especially when they don’t explain how the shapeshifter got to Micah w/out NiJessica knowing. What, was this special kid just sitting home alone?
    4. Micah puts things like computers together, right? Mohinder’s computer was destroyed, shown in the scene where Sylar wakes up and gets (cheesily) upset. I think Linderman needs Micah to put the computer back together to get The List.
    5. I do think Isaac is dead, since it was in a early episode and a painting. And yes, HOPEFULLY Mohinder is done. I’m so sick of him and his fake sounding accent. Maybe it’s his real accent, but it doesn’t sound like it. “My fathah’s resuch…” GO AWAY!
    6. I think Sylar’s style of painting was different because it’s in his own handwriting.
    7. They make up their own rules…

  • Jay

    Here’s more questions.

    How could they put that guy on the ceilng?? They stole that from Supernatural!!

    2nd why didn’t he die? He’s so annoying!

    3rd Why didn’t Peter’s brother shed a real tear when he thought Peter was dead? (Another reason why the WInchesters are the best, they actually care about each other)

  • 1. Don’t know what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is, but she almost certainly has one.

    2. I didn’t think he was dead. To borrow a power by memory, he has to be concious (I would assume). So, I figured he’d have to borrow healing from Claire by proximity. I was a little confused when her being nearby wasn’t enough. I forgot that the “killing item” has to be removed from the body before the healing can occur (just as the spiky thing that killed Claire had to be removed by the coroner).

    3. I don’t think it’s shape-shifting. She forces an hallucination into someone’s mind. When she appeared as Simone, not only did she look like her, but she was able to “hide” Simone’s dead body on the bed. I usually see through her machinations, but I confess, I was off my guard when she pulled it on Micah. I did think it was odd, but I just figured Jessica took the threat seriously and figured it’d be safer to let Micah do something for Linderman than to risk getting Micah hurt or killed. It wasn’t until Linderman pulled away with Micah but without Jessica that it was obvious that Candace was up to her old tricks.

    4. I’ve read the same vote-rigging theory somewhere else too. That’s probably it. Since Micah manipulates machines in an almost arcane way, it’s probably not traceable.

    5. I’m pretty sure Isaac is really dead-dead. However, he seemed to act heroic like getting killed was doing everyone a favor. I started wondering if maybe he had hidden cameras in his loft so that others could watch and see how it is Sylar steals others’ powers, but that seems far fetched. I wonder if he did pull off some neat trick before getting sliced open. As for Mohinder, he may not be useless, just currently out of his league. I think a read somewhere that he could have a power too, but that may have just been a false rumor.

    6. Also noticed Sylar’s style. The lack of talent is a good theory. Also liked someone else’s theory that Sylar sees things twisted. Probably a combination of both.

    7. I am–correction was–a huge Star Trek geek too, but I can’t remember anything from All Good Things about meeting your future self destroying the universe. In fact, Picard’s consciousness was jumping around among past, present, and future, so he was never around more than one version of himself at any given time. In Timecop (one of the worst time travel stories ever), if you have physical contact with an alternate-timeline version of yourself, you’re both warped into a stain in the carpet. Doc Brown, from the Back to the Future trilogy, was always worried about universe-ripping paradoxes if you meet your past or future self, but Marty, Jennifer, Doc, and Biff did it several times without drastic effect. I think Present Hiro and Future Hiro will be just fine. 😉 But, uh oh, I wonder if there’s a Future Ando. Man, I hope he doesn’t die between now and five years from now.

  • Gary

    Mama Petrelli’s power is teleportation. That’s my best guess on her power. Check out Ask Ausiello’s Column on

  • Gabi

    1. I dont think Mama Petrelli’s power is dreams or premonitions.. Peter gets that from being an empath I think. We’ll never know until SHE decides to show it, one thing for sure is that she IS a hero, the heroic gen goes 3 generations to be only one parent with powers.

    3. I hate Candance.. and I can’t wait to see when Jessica knows they took her son.. hehehe

    4. Micah and Linderman. Maybe for the elections but I’m not sure now. I like the idea of fixing Suresh’s pc, to get the list.

    5. Isaac. I thought he was suspiciously calm. Maybe he left something in his sketch book, or in the last issue of 9th Wonders. Or he did something to himself, “that finally makes him a hero” otherwise why would he let himself killed without a fight?

    6. I always wondered if the power was to paint or see the future.. if Isaac would’ve had precognition even if he wouldn’t have been an artist. About the talent thing, Peter at the begining draw stick figures, but then he actually finish a painting as a professional. So.. I still wonder if the precognition package includes the ability to paint also.

    7. Why Future!Hiro was royally p*ssed?.. lol. Present!Hiro screw something up. But F!Hiro should’ve known that, if he was expecting himself in Isaac’s loft. And where’s is Future!Ando?

  • Linda B.

    Another thought on Gabi’s #5. Why would Isaac go down w/o a fight? i was thinking that too the other night. If you forsee Sylar coming to get you in your loft, then LEAVE THE LOFT!

  • Harold N

    1) Mama’s Power? Super condecension. Linderman, a healer? No way. I think he is a life-force vampire. All he did to “heal” that flower was stop killing it.

    2) Peter dead? No, but that’s not the interesting question. How did Mohinder get a blood-soaked body out of his walk up and all the way uptown without getting stopped? I did see the taxi behind him when he showed up at Mama’s. He doesn’t keep his own cab parked at his apt. bldg., does he? Are we suppose to believe the NYC taxis haul dead people around even asking questions?

    3) My guess is that the shapeshifting will continue until the ep. when Jessica figures out who tricked Mica into leaving with Linderman. Jessica will shift that chicky’s shape once and for all then.

    4) Why Linderman needs Micah: he’s trying to upgrade to Vista.

    5) Yes, Psychic Lad is dead, thank goodness. His big gift to the world is hidden in his comic book. As for Mohinder, I totally agree. We could use a little Leshinder if you ask me.

    6) Actually, I liked Syler’s painting style more than I liked Heroin Hero’s. The idea that anyone takes standard comic artist styling’s seriously as art was more than a little ridiculous, in this day-and-age. It’s been done and done.

    7) Meeting your future self – well, obviously, all those other stories weren’t true after all. Seriously, the idea that you couldn’t meet your future self has always been a load. Each of us is like a page from a book. Our bodies are the page; our consciousness is the writing. The way our bodies constantly renew themselves, moving through times is like flipping the pages of that book: the page changes, and so does the writing. Meeting a future self would be like touching two non-contiguous pages to one another: so what? We as entities are the story that all of those pages are telling. Mixing up the order of the pages might screw up our story, but it won’t make anything blow up.

  • Candace is not a shape shifter.. Linderman is not Petrellis’ dad..Mrs. Petrelli has the power of teleportation…Isaac gave his sketch book to that guy and finished the last ep. of the comic, so that’s where he shows how to bring Sylar down. Micah will rig the election so Nathan will win.

  • Ken

    1. He did heal Papa Petrelli back in Vietnam. Perhaps he realized he needed him to die in order to get what he needed from the Nathan and Peter. Mama Petrelli’s power is an unknown. Nathan is definitely not Linderman’s kid, Peter maybe. Read the webcomic for details.
    2. The power is contained in the brain. So if you have something lodged in your brain (or it’s scooped out ala Sylar) your power is gone or inhibited in Claire and Peter’s case. Once the obstruction is removed the power of healing returns.
    3. Stupid question, it’s her power. She’ll use it as much as it benefits her job/needs. As would Claude and the Haitian. I agree that Jessica will be ripping her a new one.
    4. The webcomic and 360 explains that Linderman is fixing the election using some proprietary software that he is have some guys embed in the machines. Linderman wants Nathan to win. Hana (Wireless) discovered this and hacked into Linderman’s system and brought down the system. Micah is needed to fix the system and thereby fix the election in Nathan’s favor. Linderman alludes to the problem Hana has created for him when asking Niki/Jessica for Micah’s help.
    5. Isaac is dead. No returns. Why would he? His power lives on through Sylar and soon to be Peter. I can’t wait to see how/if Sylar dies. Mohinder is necessary for the plot right now. Remember he had a sister?
    6. Replicating ones Power is one thing… Artistry is individual
    7. Future Hiro just came back from his F2F with Peter on the subway, thinking that if you “Save the Chearleader, Save the World” upon his return to his “present” time expecting a fixed future he still has a f’d NY and his past self waiting for him. Remember how Hiro tried the Save Charlie and no matter how hard he tried he could not fix it? I’m curious if this is going to be a little bit of the same.

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