Fox Throws DRIVE Under The Bus

According to TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello, FOX’s race-themed DRIVE won’t be crossing the finish line. He reports that after only three episodes, the show has been pulled from the rotation, although there’s a chance the remaining two unaired episodes may yet see the light of day. All of which means… yup, FOX screwed us again. Anybody remember a little show called REUNION? You know, the one which followed an unfolding murder mystery over the span of so years… until it was prematurely killed? Did anyone at the network stop to think that perhaps nobody tuned in to DRIVE — their latest serialized saga — out of fear that it would never cross the finish line? The nets need to stop expecting viewers to take a chance on shows with continuing storylines unless they guarantee us — up front — that we’ll get a pay-off. Each and every time they prematurely send a series to that great junkyard in the sky, they give us another reason to avoid similar future offerings. Commitment is a two-way street, fellas. That’s all we’re sayin’.

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  • paketep

    And yet again FOX should be renamed to f*cks (us), cancelling another wonderful series from Tim Minear. All those bastard suits should have been fired many many years ago.

    And the list continues. Wonderfalls, Firefly, The Inside… Guess they’re fair and balanced when they cancel all of these and put up shit like The Swan 🙁

  • Linda B.

    Well said.

    Maybe they’ll throw us a bone like they did with Reunion and tell us who WOULD HAVE won the race.

  • Monkey

    Gaaahhhh!!! WTF!!??? What is wrong w/these people!???

  • That show was too good for Fox, anyway.

    Would I be right in saying that?

  • Kristen

    Linda B., they told us who the murderer was on Reunion? Who was it?

  • David

    Aww man, that SUCKS! First The Black Donnellys and now Drive…I’m gonna stop watching new shows and just wait for the DVD!

  • Sam

    If I were Tim I’d just stop pitching my shows to FOX.

  • Jillian

    Fox has been disappointing me ever since they canceled Space: Above and Beyond when I was a little girl. I doubt they’ll ever learn. I’m sorry to see Drive end.

  • Amanda

    Noooooo! FOX you SOB how can you do this…again!!

    Please someone, anyone else pick up the show!!
    sorry had to let that out

  • I do wish they’d just give it a chance….I agree that Tim should stop pitching to FOX….This is ridiculous.

  • Frank

    Honestly though, is anyone really surprised?

    Dont get me wrong, i loved Drive- the concept was new and clever for a television show. But it premired on Fox, if it isnt a medical/cop show it wont last on that network.

    Im still baffled by the fact that all of these great creative shows keep pitching to Fox.

    I agree with the Tv addict about peoples reluctance to tune into new shows with long drawn storylines because of the chances of cancelation.

    Fox is the network equivialnt of an abusive lover. Everytime you think it might be different, have something good for a change- it slaps you right in the face.

    If it werent for IDOL Fox would have no audience.

  • Amber



    I fart in their general direction.

  • Steven

    I totally called it. I told you that it wouldn’t get beyond the 4-6 episode mark.

    Come on, seriously- it’s a Tim Minear show. On FUX.

    Did *anyone* think they’d give it a chance to build an audience?

  • Jeremy

    Unfortunately, I’m not that surprised. That doesn’t make it any less a tragedy. Fox wont give good television a chance, so we are stuck with more reality shows.

  • Folks, Fox built it’s audience by trash TV. So what does it expect when it tries to put a show on that requires people to pay attention, and challenges people to think? To make things worse, they are not just hurting the creativity of various writers, but of the whole genre since people will not tune in to them anymore. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me again. But you ain’t gonna fool a fool again.

    I am just going to stick with shows on HBO / Showcase. Let’s see what they get to replace the Soprano’s!

  • Charlie

    simply stunning.

    DRIVE is the hot new show to discuss around the office water cooler. Everyone was throwing out different twists the plot might take. We should have spent our time on a dead pool — guessing how many weeks FUX would wait before canceling another great show.

  • It’s like Alien Nation, Brimstone, John Doe, Kindred: The Embraced, and of course, Firefly, all over again, but I think this is the worst example yet (Drive only lasted four episodes before getting the shaft). Sometimes Fox really sucks.

  • Sam

    I don’t think I stopped to realize it until Frank up there pointed it out. It does actually seem like all of the really creative and clever shows get pitched to FOX and ALL of them get cancelled.

    Either we don’t like creativity very much (my money is on this one) or FOX has a short attention span.

  • Amy

    I just started watching Drive too. I was really starting to think it was a show I could love. How upsetting

  • I know ratings may have been low, but you’d think it’d still be cheaper to let a show have a couple extra eps produced to wrap things up rather than canceling them abruptly, making all the money already put into them a waste. If they were to let Drive go up between 10 & 13 eps, it could be successful on DVD. With only six eps, I doubt that’s possible.

    Plus, with so many shows on TV, just how good do they expect ratings to be? I think the Nielsen rating system needs a re-vamp. I think the people who volunteer to have a Nielsen hookup installed in their TV aren’t always the typical viewer and don’t necessarily represent a realistic audience. Plus, if there ever is a new ratings system, it would need to factor in TiVo’ing somehow.

  • the-good-shepherd

    it’s just dissapointing….
    how will FOX ever be able to build an audience for a serial when the viewers know that it is not just possible but likeable that the Show they could fall for will be cancelled within two weeks… that’s just so stupid, shame on you FOX!!!

  • Wasn’t this season only six eps anyway??? sort of a looksee and if it hit ratings wise they’d pick it up for the fall? I think Tim Minear has a great mind for spinning tales but he seems to get in trouble with casting. The concept was there and “I think” Nathan can carry a show ( some would disagree with me on that ) but some of the Drive casting choices were terrible. I said this on another thread but take the cast from Lost and substitute them in for every roll and people would watch in tune with Prison Breaks ratings.

    Fox is mulling over burning off the last two episodes on Fridays or just streaming them online. Either way we will get to see what was filmed for this year…..

    Did anyone see the original pilot? last summer???

  • Josh

    Fox sucks. Drive was a great show. And yes, it lacked ratings, but they couldn’t even finish airing the episodes that were filmed? Or give it a chance to build an audience?

    I was hesitant when deciding whether I’d watch this, and I guess I should’ve chosen not to. After what happened with Reunion and now Drive, I will never watch another new show on Fox. If one becoems a hit and it looks good, then I may catch up and tune in. But that’s it.

  • Erica

    Damnit. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming, but damnit none the less. I really enjoyed the 4 episodes we got. I hope we get to buy the remaining two on iTunes.

  • My source at Fox is telling me the final two unaired episodes of “Drive” will air this summer…. date tbd.. better than nothing 🙂

  • Mana

    Was there ever any doubt that it would be cancelled fairly quickly? I mean this was a bit sooner than I expected but still… it’s FOX. Nothing good ever gets a chance on that network… should a good show with lots of potential make it through its first season, FOX would make sure to interfere with the writing and kill it that way instead. Being picked up by FOX is the worst that could happen to your show if it is any good…

    I agree that the constant cancelations make people reluctant to try out the new shows. I know a lot of people who refuse to watch anything on that network until they’re sure that it isn’t suddenly going to be cancelled on them.

  • I’d totally condemn Fox but they do have Prison Break, and while I’ve never watched House it doesn’t seem like trash TV. And they’re certainly not the only network to yank a show after only two weeks. The CW did it with Runaway, and whoever had Head Cases only let it air one episode.

    Something I learned today made me understand (but NOT condone) the reasoning better. To get advertisers, Fox has to guarantee certain ratings. If they don’t get them, they have to give the advertisers free air time on other shows to make up the difference. Or something like that. So I can see that the prospect of spending more money than they already have would cause them to cancel instead.

    I think the whole system needs revamping.

  • shanna

    The TVAddict is so right. I have not watched a new FOX show since Reunion just because I know shows don’t survive but with all the hype behind Drive, I thought (wrong) that FOX was actually getting behind a show. I should have gone with my gut and stayed away.

    I don’t watch FOX at all now except for the Sunday night cartoons.

  • Linda B.

    Kristen – the writers of Reunion released a statement saying the murderer was going to end up being Amy, the daughter given up at the beginning of the show. I don’t remember if they gave a reason why she killed her real mom or not.

  • calab sloan

    this was one of the best shows i have seen in along time for the past two weeks me and my family have stoped every thing on monday nights to watch drive so i belive fox needs to at least finish the series you cant leave us hanging.

  • Lee L.

    Very disapointed. I looked forward to Mondays just to see Drive. What a great show. Unusual, not like all the other reality shows. This was very refreshing. I would fire whoever chose to kill Drive.