Live Blogging LOST (Episode 18, Season 3)

8:45PM: Okay, I realize LOST hasn’t started yet, but I’ve simply got to start rambling about AMERICAN IDOL: IDOL GIVES BACK. How many more times are we going to get a reaction shot of Sanjaya from the audience? Wasn’t he voted off IDOL?

8:52PM: Am I the only one who thought Teri Hatcher looked like a ‘working girl’?

9:08PM: Cheesy yes, but how nice was it to see a mini-FRIENDS reunion
with Phoebe and Ross.

9:09PM: I assume the ‘shocking’ results are that nobody is going home this week!

9:46PM: Ryan asked Simon the question I’ve been wondering all week, “Simon how much have you donated?” Yes Simon, and while we’re at it, Randy, Paula, Ryan and the IDOL producers (who incidentally are making millions selling commercials off this show). How much are you all donating?

10:02PM: Tricky IDOL, I almost missed the beginning of LOST. Luckily I flipped over just in time to see Jack ask Jin some pretty creepy questions.

10:06PM: Oh Hurley… you’re killing me here.

10:13PM: Sun wants answers… so do we!

10:14PM: EyePatch Guy? Isn’t he supposed to be dead. Mabye he’s from the future… where’s Hiro?

10:25PM: Interesting… Jin isn’t sure who his biological parent is. Sun isn’t sure as to who her baby belongs to. Coincidence… certainly not on LOST island.

10:49PM: Good news Bad news. Jin’s the father, Sun you’ve got a few weeks to live. D’oh

10:55PM: What are the odds Jin’s ‘mother’ shows up on the island? Mabye in the box with Locke’s dad.

10:56PM: Juliet’s going back inside to do something evil. Don’t leave her Sun!

10:59PM: “They found the plane, they were all dead” Okay, someone better start explaining what is going on here.

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  • Tim Wilkins

    LOL. Yall are funny. I had to turn that Idol stuff off it was getting on my nerves. Tim Wilkins aka College Virgin PS – hello tvaddict

  • Rhonda

    I still can’t get over the fact that there was an EPT on the island.

  • How good does SPIDER-MAN 3 look?

  • Frank

    Rhonda id Lockes “dad” can magically appear on the island. having a preganacy test fall out of the sky isnt too big of a strech lol

  • Rhonda

    SO good! And P.S. Hot Fuzz was the shit!!

  • Aahh. Yunjin Kim. She’s so pretty.

  • Rhonda

    So who wants to bet Larry Birkhead is the Daddy?

  • Rhonda…. best line of the night! (thus far!)

  • Rhonda

    Oh dear God could this ep. BE anymore boring!

  • I’m actually really liking it

  • Tim Wilkins

    I like Sun and Jin.

  • Rhonda

    So that lady blackmailing Sun is probably Jin’s mom, right?

  • Rhonda, definitely on the same page as you. You know what they say about great minds…

  • Tim Wilkins

    Okay, how many languages did that chick from the sky speak? And why don’t we get sub titles for that? lol Also, how “convenient” as the Church Lady would say that Lost always has the equipment it needs. Or is this just me?

  • Tim Wilkins

    The father is in on it. He’s paying back the son by blackmailing the new wife. How else would he know her name? Or did I miss something when the phone rang? lol

  • Yeah, too bad I didn’t bother to pick up french or italian on my after university european tour!

  • Rhonda

    Well I’m no expert but she did not say “thank you” to Patchy in Italian. Oh and also….Run Sun Run!!!!

  • Frank

    so THATS why the Others are always so pissed. The Guys are chock full of sperm and the Girls are too afraid of getting pregant and dying. No one is getting any!

  • Rhonda

    I keep waiting for Maury Povich to pop out…..Jin, you are NOT the father!

  • Tim Wilkins

    Is this where I sing, Where Did Our Love Go? ala Diana Ross. lol Is Jin gonna be raising a son not his like his father? HHmmm.

  • Did anyone else have higher expectations for tonigiht’s episode? gave it FIVE STARS

  • Tim Wilkins

    ooohh, grey’s anatomay and ugly betty. They’ll be better than LOst.

  • Frank

    2 months to live. So sounds liike Sun will be around till the end of season 5

  • Rhonda

    2 months. So Yujin’s got until early ’09 to start looking for a job.

  • Hahaha, so true.

  • Rhonda

    great minds Frank……

  • Frank

    we posted at the same time too. amazing

    So yea the Ending of the episode made up for everything else tonight

  • thanks for stopping by everyone. not a great episode, but what a great ending.

  • Tim Wilkins

    WHAT???/ Well, I’m sure the others can fake that! I mean they have an island with all the luxuries of home almost. Surely they faked the “news.” Not five stars. I give it 3.

  • Rhonda

    No way was that a 5 star ep. maybe if that’s out of 20. See ya next wed.!

  • Huh, well Locke will finally be back next week. I “love” how his story was left dangling for so long.

    I knew when Juliette went back in the hatch she’d be relaying a message to Ben somehow. I figured she’d tell him Sun’s baby was conceived before the crash though. So, either she’s telling the truth to both Sun and Ben or lying to both of them.

    If they’re hoping Kate is or will be pregnant, maybe that’s why they took her and her two potential mates, Jack and Sawyer–to manufacture a conception.

    Interesting how the mystery woman thinks 815 was found with no survivors. Makes you wonder if 815 was crashed intentionally by Desmond not pressing the button or if it was crashed intentionally by Ben, somehow, so that he could get extra guinea pigs. Either way, the found survivorless 815 sounds like a cover story, probably initiated by Ben.

    And as for Mikhail being alive, couldn’t Kate, Locke, or Sayid have checked his pulse after he crossed the electric field a while back? Looks now like he just put on a good act. How hard is it to check someone’s pulse?

  • I was proud of myself for guessing that D.O.C. meant date of conception last week when I heard it….

    I thought this was a great episode…not nearly as good as the Juliet one’s have been, but close.

    Next week’s preview has me psyched, even though undoubtedly some of the footage is probably from further ahead.

  • Pete

    I thought it was a good episode despite not developing much of the the main story line, minus the last 30seconds. As filler/sidestory episodes go I enjoyed this one and Sun’s acting was great. Can’t wait til next weeks episode.

  • interloper

    {Why this hasn’t been posted yet:}
    Can anyone translate what the mysterious women said???????
    I understood the spanish, however-

  • Cuse

    Sun’s voice was almost like damn evil monster screaming on the hellicopter…
    it was toooooooo loud yelling… . Bad performance again by Yunjin Kim
    i think..
    It didn’t work for me…