Did NBC Just Cancel SCRUBS?

As I finished watching tonight’s installment of THE OFFICE [interesting episode to say the least] I was shocked to hear the NBC voiceover guy say, “stay tuned for the first of the final four episodes of SCRUBS.” All together now — Whaaat!

Not only did NBC take the time to promote SCRUBS — something they rarely bother to do but the voiceover guy (or is it artist?) didn’t say “…this season,” he simply said “the final four episodes of SCRUBS!” Is it me, or did NBC just subtly announce that this is the end of the line for SCRUBS?

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  • Zach Braff’s signed for one more season isn’t he? I also remember hearing that if NBC did cancel it will DEFINITELY be on ABC.

    Could it just be a case of bad wording, and mean the final 4 episodes of Scrubs this season?

  • Flutie,

    Zach is definitely signed on for one more season, and ABC’s already said that if NBC does pull the plug on SCRUBS, they’ll pick it up for the final season.

  • ewanspotter

    Well, I think at this point you might just be reading into it too much. Not that I think NBC wouldn’t cancel Scrubs… but they’re also advertising “the final four” episodes of Heroes and we *know* that show isn’t ending.

  • ewanspotter,

    While I may be paranoid… doesn’t the network usually say, “stay tuned for the final four chapters of HEROES leading up to the shocking unmissable SEASON FINALE!”

    I just found it really weird that there was no mention of a ‘season finale’

  • It really is weird they wouldn’t say it….I’m guessing they’ll get a lot of emails about it.

  • ewanspotter

    I think it’s weird, too. But maybe the ad people are just off their game. As for the Heroes thing, the commercial during ER tonight just said “the final four chapters” and no mention of a finale. *shrug* I vote the NBC people are just on the special crack.

  • Tim

    I think your just being paranoid. Haven’t they been promoting Heroes in the same way?

  • GotActing101

    OK so on myspace Zack Braff just posted a new blog and he talked about Scrubs. He said “I’m due to be back at Scrubs on August 1st. That is- if we come back. NBC has yet to renew us… They have until 5/15, so cross your fingers. Now that I signed up for another year, I got all excited about doing it and then here we are on 4/26 and still no pick-up from the network. These last 4 episodes are REALLY good. So make sure to watch. Hopefully they’re not the end of the whole series, because the season ends with quite a cliffhanger and I think everyone would be pretty pissed if they never got to see the resolution.” SO that gives up hope that Scrubs is not ending anytime soon.

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  • true scrubs fan

    i really really hope scrubs is shown till the end of next year and if not they show it on abc….i rarely watch anything else.

  • annonymous lol

    omg im so sad that scrubs is ending