IDOL GIVES BACK — A Two Hour Borefest

If it hadn’t already with the whole Sanjaya thing, we’d say AMERICAN IDOL has now officially jumped the shark. Hell, last night’s two hour “most shocking elimination ever” build up to the absolutely unshocking fact that nobody was eliminated caused the show to not only jump the shark, but then catch the poor guy, cut him up and serve him on a platter. This after we’d already sat through the previous night’s meeting of the Suicidal Wristslitters Social Club in which the personality-free contestants depressed the hell out of us. The show spent weeks and weeks promoting the whole IDOL GIVES BACK thing when, in fact, the non-elimination round served to simply pour millions more into the pockets of the same FOX executives who cancelled DRIVE. Good job, fellas. See you in television hell! (Which we imagine is simply a room where 7TH HEAVEN plays for eternity)

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  • You’re right in the fact that the show drove money into the hands of the FOX execs, but since it raised a hell of a lot of money for kids in this country and in Africa, I’m going to say I’d rather have the night than not have it.

    The Stayin’ Alive bit sucked. Josh Groban and the African children’s choir made me an emotional wreck. KElly and Carrie were well deserving Idols.

    The best part of the night was when Seacrest screwed up the beginning and started over again…ON LIVE TV!!

  • GMMR, Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for raising money for those in need. I just refuse to applaud FOX and IDOL for their ‘generosity’

    Not only is IDOL a giant advertisement in itself (coke, ford, at&t etc), the show and FOX makes millions of commercial time. And all FOX could poney up is 5 Million Dollars! Seriously?

    Consider this. In an hour telecast there’s on average 14 minutes of commercials.

    Fourteen minutes = twenty-eight 30 second spots.

    Each 30 second spot sells for, let’s just say 500,000 (I actually think it’s more)

    28 thirty second spots x 500,000 = 14 million dollars (times two! for a two hour telecast)

    Hypothetically, last night’s IDOL made FOX at least 28 million dollars. In one night.

    That’s not even factoring in the hour long telecast the night before.

    Again I ask, 5 million is all FOX could pony up?

    (not to mention Randy, Simon, Paula and Ryan – how much are they donating?)

  • I think you are without a heart!! Ha ha ha!! Yeah, you’re right, they could have done a lot more.

  • Common Sense

    Thank heavens someone shares my feelings about the Idol Borefest. I avoided it like the plague, as I will continue to do now that Sayanara is gone. Who cares about ANY of these contestants? Vote ’em ALL off! That, I’d watch!

    This whole weekly build-up for the self-glorification of Idol giving something back….gave me both gas and dry heaves.

  • While watching this week’s Idol episodes, I kept walking a fine line between being glad that Idol was raising awareness (and money) for these worthwhile causes, and horrified about all of the self-congratulatory back-patting that the show was giving itself. In the end, $30 million dollars to those great charities can’t be wrong, though. HOWEVER, Rupert Murdoch giving $5 million is like me giving $5. Pony up some more cash, Rupert. Cheapskate.