EVERWOOD: The Next Generation

Are you still reeling from EVERWOOD’S cancellation? TNT certainly hopes so. How else to explain their latest dramatic series HEARTLAND.

Premiering this June (following THE CLOSER) HEARTLAND stars EVERWOOD alum Treat Williams (Dr. Andy Brown) as Nathaniel Grant, an intense, overworked brain surgeon organ transplant surgeon who not only battles the clock to save lives, but also must balance his relationships with his his angry teenage son ex-wife and daughter.

Don’t get us wrong, we applaud any network that gives Treat Williams his own show again. We’re simply surprised to see what looks like EVERWOOD 2.0 minus the eccentric small town characters and emotional father/son dynamic.

Are you excited for EVERWOOD 2.0 HEARTLAND? Is theTVaddict overusing the strike through gag? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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  • Monkey

    I’ll probably check it out. As long as you remind me when its on in June!

  • Monkey,

    First off, considering it stars an EVERWOOD alum, odds are you’ll be sick of HEARTLAND by the time theTVaddict is finished talking about it! Secondly, mark your calendar… HEARTLAND premieres Monday, June 18 at 10/9c on TNT.

  • Monkey

    Are you kidding me??!! I frickin love Everwood! I was probably the only dork watching it when ABC Family reran it! By any chance do you know if they (ABC Family) will be bringing it back?

    Calendar marked!!

  • John

    I will certainly give it a look.

    Do you know the credits of the creator and showrunner and other off camera persons?

  • It would be great if Greg Berlanti took over the reins.

  • Paul

    it’ll be a disaster

  • Monica