Veronica Mars Smiling?

Veronica Mars smiling? Now there’s something fans don’t see very often. I wonder what Ms. Mars knows that we don’t?

Did Veronica finally choose between Logan and Piz? Or better yet, has a little birdy named Dawn Ostroff let her know that she still has a job come next season?

Find out in the special two-hour season finale entitled “The Bitch is Back” airing on the new CW on May 22, 2007.

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  • The Bitch is Back, hehe. I love it.

  • Brianna

    Ooooooooh the DRAMA? Will Veronica FINALLY choose? Let’s see…..Piz, the guy she’ll have been with for all of three episodes (and who won’t be back next(?) season) versus Logan, the guy she’s been on/off with for three years which include: Saving her life, saving her from being a murderer, saving her from being raped and being totally loved by her just a few short episodes ago. WOW. Tough decision!

  • She’s certainly not smiling because her outfit is cute. Seriously, now, what is she WEARING? Season one Veronica had such great clothes!