Wish theTVaddict Luck!

theTVaddict has officially crossed the line.

Mark your calendars, as today April 26, 2007 — the line between mild mannered television viewer and über television nerd extraordinaire (not that there’s anything wrong with that) is gone.

How do I know this?

Well today I’ll be participating in the TVTropolis game show INSIDE THE BOX. It seems that I’ve become somewhat of an authority on all things television (please, stop laughing) and as a result, I’ve been asked to face off against other TV experts for charity in one of Canada’s most exciting game shows.

It’s ‘TV Authority’ week on INSIDE THE BOX and this afternoon I’ll be competing to show them all that I’m the ultimate couch potato TV addict. The $10,000 I’m sure to win will be donated to the charity of my choice, which in this case happens to be the Toronto Humane Society.

So if I’m short on posts today, know that it’s for a good cause. You can follow my adventures below thanks to Twitter, or at twitter.com/thetvaddict. But most importantly, think positive and wish me luck!

UPDATE: theTVaddict has just returned from shooting his appearance on INSIDE THE BOX You’re probably wondering how I did! Let’s just say I did exactly as expected. Stay tuned for details on when the episode airs and where you can view.

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  • Break A Leg and remember Gilligan’s Island!

  • GOOD LUCK!!!

  • You know, as a former game show contestant myself, I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

    Look forward to seeing you on… the channel that used to be Prime.

    (Speaking of rediculous rebrands, hear what’s happenning to CH?)

  • David

    Good luck TV Addict!! Too bad we can’t watch you down here in the States! Maybe we can catch it on YouTube sometime 🙂

  • Good luck! And remember when the “On Air” light comes on, just envision everyone in their underwear.

  • o esmyrf yp esyvj. niy////.//

    Okay, the above is what happens when you have your fingers on the wrong keys… if you could break the code, it would have said “I wanted to watch…”

    Unfortunately, it seems we can’t watch that where I am. GLAMDAMNIT!

  • My U.S. friends.. who knows… if you’re lucky, the episode may somehow find itself leaked onto YouTube.

  • Just so you know, the dogs, cats and other furry creatures (and that includes many staff members) at the THS are pulling for you…