STUDIO 60 Set to Return to NBC

Historically, when the television season comes to an end, theTVaddict can generally be found curled up on the floor slowly counting the days until the Fall season begins.

Yet this summer, thanks to ever-increasing competition from the internet, video games and DVDs, networks have finally gotten their act together and come to the realization that they have to provide viewers with quality programming if they intend to keep us watching come June, July and August. (Note to networks: Reality television is not considered quality.)

As a result, fellow TV addicts not only have new seasons of HBO’s BIG LOVE and ENTOURAGE to look forward to. TNT returns with a third season of THE CLOSER and the new Treat Williams drama EVERWOOD 2.0 HEARTLAND.

Add to that, NBC just announced that STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP will be returning to burn off its final six episodes starting Thursday May 24.

Looks like the summer might not be so television free after-all. ‘Getting a life’ and interacting with the outside world will apparently have to wait!

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  • Tim

    I’m kinda confused on Entourage. Is this going to be ANOTHER season airing this summer after these current eps air? I remember back when this season started they said it would be a bigger season than usual, but did they change their minds and basically just make season 3 into two 10 ep seasons?

  • Lee

    Am I really in the minority for loving Studio 60? Has a 2nd season officially been ruled out?! I hope not. Also looking forward to the return of Big Love and The Closer.

  • I believe Entourage starts season 4 in June after the 3rd season ends…. Entourage got pushed back after the sopranos got pushed back when Gandolfini was injured…. Season 4 is 12 episodes….

    On Studio 60…. Guess I still think there is a chance it might get picked up.. Interesting they are moving it to Thursdays…… feel like it’s in the “wait and see what development season” yields…. If nothing else Studio is “fixable” and is the top show in terms of 100K and over homes….

  • Josh

    I’m looking forward to the returns of The 4400 and Kyle XY. I also have to admit that I love watching Big Brother every summer. It’ll be nice to have a non-all stars version of that in July.

  • Jennifer

    So excited for BIG LOVE!

  • Remember when summer was for repeats and having a social life? I really have to stop watching so much TV, but it’s too hard when you have Big Love, Studio 60, Weeds, Top Chef, 30 Days, Eureka, My Life on the D-List, etc. And those aren’t even the new shows (Flash Gordon, On The Lot, John From Cincinnati)!
    p.s. I refuse to give up on Studio 60. I will not give up hope that NBC will come to their senses. 10 p.m. Monday is a bad time slot, so I really hope that the move to Thursdays will make the difference.