theTVaddict’s Guide to the 2007 Season Finales

With May Sweeps upon us, we at thought we’d take the opportunity to answer the most commonly asked question as of late. How do you find the time to watch so much TV? When is [insert your favourite show here] airing it’s season finale?

So here it is, as a public service to fellow TV Addicts everywhere. Your favourite shows, the date their finale airs and as an added bonus, theTVaddict’s ever-important witty one-liners. Click below and enjoy the First Annual 2007 Guide to Season Finales.

Date Network Show Time theTVaddict says:
Thur. May 3 CBS SHARK 10-11PM Do you really want to be the CBS exec to tell James Woods that his show is cancelled?

The final three teams race for the $1 million prize.  Raise your hand if you miss Rob and Amber?

CBS COLD CASE 9-10PM Another CBS procedural, another crazed serial killer. Would it really kill hurt CBS to lighten up a bit?

Christine has sabatoged her relationship with guest star Blair Underwood so many times you’d think her name was Miranda.

CW GIRLFRIENDS 9-10PM Joan gets a long-awaited marriage proposal in this special one-hour finale. Once again theTVaddict cries, “they cancelled EVERWOOD for this?”
FOX DRIVE 8-9PM Oh wait, how stupid of us (or should I say FOX) The network’s already cancelled DRIVE. Stay tuned for yet another repeat of HOUSE.
Tues. May 8 CBS THE UNIT 9-10PM

Dennis Haysbert lectures America on the importance of car insurance. Dennis Haysbert and his team face criminal charges.

Wed. May 9 CBS JERICHO 8-9PM

One of the town’s leaders will not survive when Jericho defends itself against an attack by a nearby city. The citizen’s of JERICHO actually have a bigger problem than a neighbouring city. They may find themselves unemployed following tonight’s episode.

Thur. May 10 CBS WITHOUT A TRACE 10-11PM

WITHOUT A TRACE airs its season finale on a special night as the team searches for a teenaged girl who’s disappeared — wait for it — without a trace.

NBC MY NAME IS EARL 8:840PM EARL is pulling out all the stops for its super-sized second season finale. Expect to see a plethora of guest stars for the “Trial of the Century,” including The Soup Nazi, Mr. Bookman, Teri Hatcher… oh wait wrong “Trial of the Century.” Giovanni Ribisi, Christine Taylor, Marlee Matlin and Dog the Bounty Hunter guest star.

Who are you kidding? We at know there’s only one reason you watch this show. Click here and save yourself the trouble.


Were the CLOSE TO HOME writers looking for a guaranteed way to kill their show? If so, casting Jonathan Silverman in their season finale was the way to go. Everybody knows Silverman is the TV equivelant of the touch of death.

Sun. May 13 CW 7th HEAVEN 8-9PM The series finale, one year too late.

Enough with the islands already. Brilliant idea for next season. SURVIVOR: HATCH EDITION. 16 castaways try and survive in Richard Hatch’s cell. Now there’s must see TV!


At Marshall and Lily’s wedding, Barney discovers that Ted and Robin have a secret they’ve been hiding for weeks. Barney’s Gay! Oh wait, I’m mixing up TV and real life again. Sorry, theTVaddict has to get out more.


I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to watch this show. It’s simply not funny. If you honestly think this show is funnier than HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, defend yourelf by emailing your thoughts to


Much to the chagrin of the Queen herself, the King and Queen of CBS will announce the impending arrival of a prince or princess in the long-awaited series finale of the KING OF QUEENS.


Another serial killer, another mystery, another plea to CBS to lighten up a bit.

CW EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS 8-9PM Kelsey Grammer directs an episode titled “Everybody Hates the Last Day.” You know what theTVaddict hates? When the best this show can do is hype up a guest director. Call me when Kelsey guest stars. Frasier in da house!
CW ALL OF US 8:30-9PM Neesee and Robert make a decision about a second baby that could alter their relationship. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Who are Neesee and Robert?”
CW THE GAME 9-10PM Melanie and Derwin come to a crossroads in their relationship in this one-hour finale. Oh My God! I’ve waited all season for this!* Totally kidding! Seriously folks, who watches these shows?
Tues. May 15 CW GILMORE GIRLS 8-9PM Lorelai and Luke come to a new understanding as fans around the world wait to hear if this indeed is the end of the GILMORE GIRLS. Oh yeah, and Rory graduates from Yale (act surprised!)

This time it’s personal when Gideon’s girlfriend is murdered by his nemesis Frank.  Question: When isn’t it personal when it comes to CRIMINAL MINDS?


theTVaddict will be watching LOST, join us for Live Blogging Fun!

CW AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL 8-9PM The new Top Model is chosen in this season finale. Celebratory dinner includes a carrot stick and a glass of water.

NBC promises an UNFORGETTABLE FLIGHT in the CROSSING JORDAN Season Finale. Wanna bet?

NBC MEDIUM 10-11PM Normally we’d ignore MEDIUM entirely (still angry, nay, shocked over Patricia Arquette’s Emmy win). But Jason Priestley (BEVERLY HILLS 90210) concludes his three-episode story arc in the MEDIUM season finale — and any show that gives Brandon a job can’t be all bad.
FOX BONES 8-9PM BONES fans certainly are a dedicated bunch. theTVaddict apologizes for leaving BONES off the May Finale Guide. Truth be told, I forgot FOX airs anything on Wednesdays except IDOL. Can you really blame me?
Thur. May 17 CBS CSI 9-10PM

Sara mysteriously goes missing… Didn’t Jorja Fox learn her lesson the first time? Don’t go asking CBS for more money, they don’t like that.

NBC THE OFFICE 8-9PM Casino Night revisited as Pam and Jim’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is brought to the forefront. Of course with Karen interviewing for a job at corporate, I think we can all guess where this is going.
NBC SCRUBS 9-10PM Star Zach Braff imagines funny things in his head. Six years later, yup, still funny.
NBC ER 10-11PM Truth be told we have no idea what’s going on in the ER. After the helicopter landed on Dr. Romano, we checked out for good.
ABC UGLY BETTY 8-9PM Betty and Henry’s romance heats up. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina makes great strides in her ambitious power play, as Daniel descends further in a downward spiral. The Suarez family trip to Mexico takes a dangerous turn, with old ghosts creating new problems. Explosive secrets will be revealed, and everything will be tied together by a beloved Broadway musical
ABC GREY’S ANATOMY 9-10PM Not surprisingly, Scoop Nazi Shonda Rhimes is keeping a tight lid on tonight’s season finale. Stay tuned for details.
CW SMALLVILLE 8-9PM Rumours are running rampant that a major character’s going to die. Fingers crossed… please let it be Lana. Her superpower is sucking the energy out of every scene and putting thisTVaddict to sleep.
CW SUPERNATURAL 9-10PM Denny’s Back. Actually it’s just Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But since he plays Denny on TV, it’s kinda the same thing.
Fri. May 18 CBS NUMBERS 10-11PM

In the wake of an explosive standoff with a mysterious yet brilliant bomber on a bridge, the Eppes brothers discover a buried secret that will change the FBI team forever. I wonder if it involves numbers?

Sun. May 20 FOX KING OF THE HILL 7-8PM This show is still on the air? Seriously, I thought FOX cancelled it years ago.
FOX THE SIMPSONS 8-9PM Big deal, THE SIMPSONS 400th episode. Bring on the movie!
FAMILY GUY 9-9:30PM In the season finale of FAMILY GUY, Death grants Peter’s wish of going back in time to be 18 again just for one night so that he can sow his wild oats. Needless to say, Peter hasn’t learned anything from HEROES and decides to make some decisions that change the future for the worse.
AMERICAN DAD 9:30-10PM Who thinks AMERICAN DAD is funny? Anyone?

Ty and the gang surprise a family with two adopted sons living with HIV. Stocked up on Kleenex… check!


As they close out their third season, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES desperately tries (and fails) to capture the magic from season one.

ABC BROTHERS & SISTERS 10-11PM Unlike the ABC Promo Department, theTVaddict isn’t about to ruin the numerous surprises that are in store for fans of BROTHERS & SISTERS. Needless to say, like all Walker events, there will be dinner, yelling and loads of alcohol involved.
Mon. May 21 FOX 24 8-10PM This season of 24 has been so bad we’re starting to miss Kim Bauer and the cougar.
NBC HEROES 9-10PM The big question isn’t whether or not our beloved HEROES will be able to save the world, it’s how Tim Kring and his team of heroic writers will be able to top themselves next season.
Tues. May 22 FOX AMERICAN IDOL 8-9PM The final two contestants compete to battle it out for the crown of AMERICAN IDOL. We already miss Sanjaya

The biggest secret from this season’s “season of secrets” is whether or not disgruntled star Mark Harmon returns next season.

CW VERONICA MARS 8-10PM Veronica confronts her feelings for Logan as viewers come to terms with the fact this may very well be the last new episode of VERONICA MARS we ever see.
NBC LAW & ORDER: CI 9-10PM Talk about wishful thinking, CI’s season finale is entitled “Renewal”
NBC LAW & ORDER: SVU 10-11PM The SVU team celebrates after realizing they’re the only LAW & ORDER show not on NBC’S chopping block this season.
ABC DANCING WITH THE STARS 8-10PM On the season finale one team will raise the coveted mirror ball trophy and be crowned champion of DWTS. Go Steve Sanders Ian Ziering!

Apparently Hollywood’s short on ideas. First MY NAME IS EARL proclaims the “Trial of the Century” now BOSTON LEGAL! What’s up with that?

Wed. May 23 FOX AMERICAN IDOL 8-10PM Television’s longest running Coca Cola infomercial ends its season by crowning another Idol. Go Jordin Sparks!
ABC LOST 9-11PM It goes without saying that after Wednesday’s shocking final minutes, we have absolutely no idea what’s going on. But we’re looking forward to some answers in LOST’S two hour finale.
Tues. May 29 FOX HOUSE 9-10PM If HOUSE is so smart, why does he need a team of boring supporting actors to help him out?

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  • I love the new graphic, it’s so cute.

  • ewanspotter

    Disgruntled Mark Harmon? Interesting (although not unshocking). What have you heard exactly? (I’ve heard a few things, too.) That wouldn’t be why they brought in the fembot-Gibbs recently. *gag*

  • Jay

    Where’ s Supernatural on ur banner!!

  • Tom

    I think its time to get over your issues with Medium. Its the best show on TV and it seems you would rather discourage all your readers watching this show because you don’t agree with Patricia winning the Emmy. I think its time to move on

  • Dawn

    How can you call yourself a TV addict and say that you are “shocked” and even “angered” over Patricia Arquette’s MUCH-DESERVED and HARD-EARNED EMMY WIN? How can you say that you are TV addict and say that you ignore MEDIUM entirely except when they have someone like Jason Priestley on? This is WITHOUT QUESTION, HANDS DOWN, THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION! And if you can’t see that, then you don’t know much about television. Patricia Arquette is THE best actress working in television today and probably in Hollywood. She is the most underrated, overlooked, beautiful, and talented woman in Hollywood. And the fact that you can’t see that speaks less to her talent than it does to your opinions about television. And you kow what they say about opinions. Everybody’s got one, but some stink worse than others.

  • Linda B.

    What’s your beef w/ Patricia Arquette? i like Medium and think she’s pretty good in the role. Who else was she up against when she earned her Emmy to make you angry, nay, shocked?

  • I like this. I REALLY like this. I printed this one out for my giant, magnetic wall calender.

  • This guide ROCKS!!!!! My DVR forever thanks you.

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  • VCAD

    Take out Sally field off the banner and put some VM! hehe

  • Monkey

    TVAddict, what about Bones?

  • Brilliant is an understatement for this guide! Great work TV ADDICT.

  • That was hilarious. Seriously, they cancelled Everwood for Girlfriends? Dawn Ostroff STILL HAS HER JOB? That’s a bigger mystery than anything on Lost.

  • John

    Thanks for the posting. I do have two nitpicks.

    RE: Ghost Whisperer – Who are you kidding? We at know there’s only one reason you watch this show.

    Are you so math challenged that you can’t count to two? 😉 Also, what is wrong with that.

    RE: Gilmore Girls – Oh yeah, and Rory graduates from Yale (act surprised!)

    Since she graduates on May 8th, it will hard to be surprised on the 15th.

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  • amy

    Here’s a second inquiry for Bones….what’s the deal?

  • Roger

    Rory graduates the week BEFORE, and the time for Top Model is way wrong. Did you switch, accidentally, with the show below it?

  • Sorry BONES fans, I’ve added ths show to the schedule.

  • Bill

    Is Shark being canceled? I think it’s a great show, as does my wife. We hope it is not going to be shut down. TV is so fickel these days. You just get into a show and bam! it’s gone. i.e; the Nine? Kidnapped? etc.

  • michelle

    Why must you be so nasty about the black shows Girlfriends and The Game when there are too many Crappy white shows. Those two show are all geared for single, and professional and educated blacks on lily white primetime.

  • Dear Michelle,

    It’s not a black and white thing. I love EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. I am just not a fan of GIRLFRIENDS or THE GAME.

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  • amy

    Thanks for the addition of BONES!

  • Penny

    I think 24 is great this season. I am always on the edge of my seat with this show. With other shows you like I am on the edge of my seat leaving to do something else.

  • Ladygrey

    Tonights show was sort of weird. Not sure what I think of them just throwing half the show to all these newbies that only talked about sex and their screwed up lives. What about the guys we know and love! Derrick and Meredith… BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG….. ughhhhhhhh….

  • kim_ber1

    I agree with your ER review. Once Dr. Ramano was killed the dry wit humor went with him.
    As much as I love (er loved) ER, I think its time for it to go!

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  • hey y dont u stop hating on desperate housewives…& actually put some real info down??

  • Sheindie

    re: Medium… She is an excellent actor, but didn’t deserve the Emmy when she ran against Jennifer Garner (Alias). glad that Medium was renewed. The husband and wife are two mature adults who love and respect each other. The children seem very real and the stable 2 parent home is one that isn’t usually shown on t.v. these days. It’s a low-key show that holds your interest, and draws you in.

  • Katie

    Argh come on TVaddict, don’t refer to Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny! His name on the show is John. It’s insulting for supernatural to be in anyway associated with “lets have heaps of sex in a hospital, and let someone die 25% of the time and call it a great drama” otherwise known as Greys.

  • Jackie

    I sure hope Supernatural gets renewed for a third season!!! Fingers crossed!

  • joy

    It’s amazing to me that people “don’t get” why shows like “Girlfriends” or “The Game” are on TV. Not everything is about your tastes or sensibilities. We don’t say anything about “How I Met Your Mother”. You have a right to that white bread, bland type of comedy (biting and edgy is what you call it). With the “why is this still on blah, blah, blah”… line of questioning, you show that you have no room at the Inn for anything you don’t understand. My friends and I like to call it the “Jeopardy Syndrome”. We play Jeopardy and answer all kinds of questions–Art, Politics, History, Cinema, etc. We’re very well rounded with a variety of interests, which, of course, includes knowledge of a little bit of everything. Let there be one column with an African American line of questions on ANYTHING and Susie, Chip, and Bif’s buzzers go silent. Always. Never fails. They don’t know anything AND don’t want to know anything Black.Ever. Watch next time, you’ll see….

  • HuskerFan12

    Most looking forward to the CSI finale!!! Getting rid of Sara? Hmmm…very interesting thought.

  • Dawn

    Do you know how hard it is to find out when a show is ending for the season? It’s not on the show’s website, it’s not on

    So thank you TV Addict for being the only place to provide a concise schedule of this important information! You’re awesome!!

  • Margie

    Crossing Jordan is my favorite show. Bring it back!

  • See my take on a multitude of finales at

  • 06 28 2007

    I am not too happy watching “The Unit” with Dennis Haysbert” because he would be alot better in acting in sports movies like baseball.

    Gratefully Yours,

    Tracey C. Smith

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