GREY’S ANATOMY Season Finale Scoop

THIS JUST IN: Thanks to a ‘friend’ buried deep within the inner-workings of ABC, theTVaddict just received some scoop-a-licious intel with regards to the much anticipated GREY’S ANATOMY Season Finale. Click the link below if you really (and I mean really REALLY) want to know what’s going to happen in the final episode airing May 17, titled “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.”

• Seattle Grace will name a successor to the chief.
• Callie and George will make a big decision about their relationship.
• The episode will revolve around not only Cristina and Burke’s wedding, but our favourite interns’ first exam results as well.
• One intern will not do nearly as well as they expected

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  • Common Sense

    Y-A-W-N……meanwhile, there will be some actual riveting TV a few clicks over on The CW. May I highly suggest viewers ignore the Grey’s Nonsense, and check out Supernatural, instead. You’ll thank me in the morning.

  • seriously. seriously?!!

  • Josh

    Sounds like it might be pretty good. I’ll be watching. Supernatural can sit on my DVR for later viewing.

  • Boring Supernatural vs. Always Entertaining Grey’s?

    No contest.

  • Tim

    Boring Supernatural vs. Always boring Grey’s.

    ^There, I fixed the above statement for you.

  • Tia

    Greys anatomy is boring, their running out of plot and people. If whiny McWhine (meredith) gets anymore screentime I might hurl. Why are they taking an exam anyway? They spend half of the time doing each other than actually praticing medicine.

  • Jay

    I’ll catch it on DVD, no way I’m missing Supernatural.

  • Jenn

    this may all happen, but knowing Grey’s something unexpected will occur in the last few moments of the show…at least it better!!

  • I could see all of those “scoops” coming a mile away, so what’s the big surprise? I agree with Tia about Meredith being too whiny, and I kind of wishi they would’ve killed her off during that whole drowning episode. Now that would have been interesting! I still love the show because once I’m a fan, I’m loyal to the end. Plus, there are some good parts still like Alex, Cristina and Izzie. It’s obvious that Callie and George will get an annulment. Why would they stay together? She really brings down the show.

  • Jeff

    Grey’s Anatomy rocks my purple socks!!

  • Sheri

    I just do not get the Derek and Meredith thing. He tells her he isn’t sure if he wants to continue to be there for her, and then he acts all hurt when she wants to stand on her own. On the other hand, I do not think the writers let these two be together enough to see how the relationship goes. If it gets tough, one or the other runs for the hills. What a downer!!

  • Danielle

    Am I missing something? Where is this link that gives you the scoop? I can’t find it and what I can click on is either broken or goes to nothing resembling a scoop.

  • jessi!!!

    ther’s no way you can miss grey’s season finale if you’re a fan i mean 4 sure shonda will have a surprise maybe cristina don’t show up 4 the wedding and burke will be left standing there in the church humiliated infront of everybody who knows???????

  • melanie

    Yawn..Downer….Great touching vows from Burke same day he blows Christina off with yet another speech. Grey and McDreamy…so boring….no reality to realtionship. junior High stuff.
    Calle as chief..naw..there were better choices for a more interesting show. Darn it…guess i’ll change channels.