Amrie’s Take on TV: Summer TV Preview

It’s officially May.

May is my least favorite month of the year for two reasons. One, the number 5 is my least favorite number to write, so having to write the date for 31 days aggravates me. Two, normally, our favorite shows end and we’re left waiting for months to find out what happens with our favorite characters.

In previous years, May has been an end of the season, and I’ve spent the summer getting caught up on old shows, TV on DVD, catching up with friends I haven’t seen since the season premieres in 2006.

Recently, however, networks and cable channels have been offering up summer fare that keeps me endlessly hooked on the TV, and leaves me pushing back the “catching up with old friends.”

This summer, to keep us shaded and pale, we’re being offered some great TV –

F/X offers up their usual brand of awesome quality TV:
Season 4 of Rescue Me starts on June 12, Season 3 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (the greatest comedy currently in production) starts “in late summer”, Season 6 of The Shield ends mid summer. The Riches goes until Rescue Me starts (Season 5 of Nip/Tuck comes in September).

Showtime keeps coming up with great stuff:
The Tudors is sexy history at its best. Great acting, great stories that draw you in. Season 1 ends in just a few short weeks. To fill the void while we’re waiting for Dexter (I’m hearing “October” for a premiere) and Weeds to come back, and until production on Season 5 of The L Words starts, Showtime is offering up two new series. Meadowlands, about a family forced into the witness protection program, starts June 17. Starting in mid August, we welcome the return of David Duchovny to weekly TV in the comedy series Californication.

On HBO, the hits keep coming:
All time favorites Entourage comes back as soon as Season 3B is over with brand new episodes of Season 4. The Sopranos swan song is set for the coming weeks. Big Love returns sometime in June.

USA works its magic:
I can never get enough of The 4400. USA is all set for the season to start in June. Monk and Psych come back in July. All three shows keep me completely and obsessively entertained. I am absolutely stoked for the return of three of the best!

TNT is going for it:
Treat Williams and Kari Matchett in Everwood: Part 2, or Heartland? Count me in. Last seen as the unwittingly traitorous mistress of the US Vice Prez, Kari Matchett never fails to entertain. Put her with Treat and I’m completely okay with that. The Closer comes with Heartland on June 18. Also, look for Holly Hunter in her new show Saving Grace to air in mid July. Also coming this summer is the miniseries devoted to a brief history of the beginning of the CIA, starring Chris O’Donnell, Alfred Molina, Michael Keaton, Rory Cochrane, and Alessandro Nivola, among others. It looks amazing!

TBS puts up a fair fight too:
My Boys definitely grew on me this winter. I’m looking forward to watching the stories play out – Brando is a doll, and any show that keeps Kyle Howard (Bobby) permanently employed gets an A in my book!

Don’t count Lifetime out of it:
I wasn’t a fan of Lily Taylor when she was on Six Feet Under. I hated the Lisa and Nate relationship. But her new show State of Mind is intriguing to me. Set in the world of therapists, it looks to be something different than what we’ve seen before.

I heart ABC Family:
A show that I completely didn’t expect to get hooked on, Kyle XY, comes back shortly for its summer season. Also coming up for the summer, Greek, a look at college frat and sorority life.

So that’s that for what to look for. While the network channels are offering up over played, over done reality TV, check out the cable networks for some quality drama and comedy to keep you occupied!

What’s your take on the summer cable slate?

In “they deserve better” News

I wish that Jeff Goldblum’s Raines had a better rep, a better chance of surviving. Shoved over to Friday nights, it hasn’t gotten any love. I love him, and the show actually really entertains me. He’s witty, and weird, and it’s a shame it’s almost DOA.

Also, Drive was great. I hate that FOX has no faith in anything anymore. Poor Tim Minear and crew. They should seriously consider shopping their stories at a more willing-to-let-a-series-grow network, like one of the above mentioned cablers!

Have a great first week of May! Enjoy the finales as they come.
I’ve seen a few of them, How I Met Your Mother so far being my favorite!
Thanks – Amrie

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