More Questions for HEROES Fans

Leave it to a bunch of HEROES to make this TV addict look stupid. The week after I complain that the HEROES writers were using the ‘shape-shifting gag’ far too often, well, they manage to fool me again.

Sylar as President Nathan Petrelli! Talk about evil genius — I did not see that coming. Perhaps I was too distracted by the coolness of future Peter (how bad-ass was that scar?), or the remarkable friendship between Hiro and Ando, but I honestly thought that power had simply taken hold of Nathan, driving him to do some really stupid things. After-all, he is a politician, and let’s face it — we all know that people in power do stupid things in order to hold onto it.

Chapter Twenty of HEROES was almost perfect and with a mere three episodes left, the show is truly firing on all cylinders leading up to what will no doubt be a fantastic finale. That said, we at thought we’d offer up a few more questions for fellow HEROES addicts to answer.

1. If Peter can heal himself, why couldn’t he heal the massive scar on his face?

2. Is anyone tired of the shameless plugs for (oh the irony of yet another shameless plug!)

3. If Sylar is such an evil genius, why doesn’t he kill the Haitian and take his power? You’d think the ability to ‘turn off’ an adversaries power would be something he’d want.

4. Where was Linderman in the future? And more importantly, did the future turn out how he planned? It didn’t seem that the world was united in grief. It seems as though the world was even more divided then ever.

5. If Peter has the ability to time travel (since he’s been in close proximity to Hiro), why didn’t he team up with future Hiro and help him stop ‘the exploding man’ — which it turns out, is himself.

6. When is Sylar going to die? Sure we’re all loving the Peter vs. Sylar rivalry now. But eventually the constant face-offs are bound to grow tedious. Who’s Molly Parker and how does a little girl have the power to defeat Sylar? (Could she be a Sylar’s younger sister whom we’ve yet to meet?)

7. Was anyone else a little put off by the whole 9/11 aspect of the episode? Yes I realize that HEROES is a TV show and complete fiction. But for some reason, I just found the whole dramatization of a New York tragedy a little off-putting.

The feeling is somewhat similar to the unpleasantness I felt while watching the original HEROES pilot. In the original cut of the show, there was an entire plotline that dealt with suspected arab terrorists. The plot was, in my opinion, rightly cut out of the pilot that premiered in September because it felt a little too real. HEREOS is supposed to be fun, a fantasy, an escape. No one wants to be reminded as to just how awful (at times) the real world can be.

8. With Isaac gone, who’s been paying rent on his New York loft for five years? Living in New York isn’t cheap.

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  • I had some of the same questions after watching the episode. I think the 9/11 aspect was intentional because it was a way of making “real” and maybe a way of getting a little more political like “Battlestar Gallactica.” I actually thought it was a little too “X-Men,” especially with the “cure” that really would kill them.

  • I thought this was another great episode. I think I like this show mainly because I can relate it to X-Men….that great! I wondered the same thing about the scar, because I thought the scar would originally be from when Sylar cut into his forehead…..Maybe we’ll eventually get to see how this scar comes about.

    All very good questions, by the way.

  • Flutie,

    I completely agree. While not a huge comic fan, I’ve always loved the X-Men, and you can’t help but see parallels (whether intentional or not). I wonder if anyone in the writer’s room bother to go, ” isn’t this a little to similar to the x-men?

    The show is simply fun. And similar to that of a soap, there are so many characters that even if you don’t like one (say Nikki/Jessica) there’s enough there to keep you coming back each and every week.

    And thanks to the time travel element, anything can happen!

  • One more thing I actually forgot to add, but EW’s recap just reminded me of.

    How lame was the scene where our heroes, future Hiro, Ando and Pater were walking into the Homeland security headquarters and you were expecting one helluva Matrixesque fight. All we got was one sword swing and then it was over. Holy Budget Cuts Batman!

  • MrD

    I loved this episode especially given the puzzle posed by Hiro’s changes in the timeline and their effects i.e. Is Sylar still responsible for the explosion or is it Peter. I also enjoyed how Hiro and Ando’s friendship was emphasized and changed by the events which takes place. For my full review/opinions, check my blog post:


  • David

    Molly is the girl Matt rescued from the house under the stairs earlier this season.

  • David — thanks for that. I completely didn’t remember that. Who’s house? What was the circumstances around her rescue? (if I can trouble you for some more information!)

  • Frank

    Thats right! i knew Molly looked familair.

    Sylar broke into her house and killed her parents, however even with all his power he couldnt kill Molly, he just left a lightning bolt shaped scar on her head…oh wait thats another story.

    Molly couldnt be killed by Sylar, im guessing thats why shes so special.

    That does has some Harry Potter parallels though

  • G

    8. After the explosion, I’m sure the rent is now non-existent 😛

  • ok first off this own thing happens in a different timeline. Five years in the future where Future Hiro had not gone back to warn peter….
    to answer your questions……

    1. Claire was killed by Sylar so Peter never met her…. In the timeline last night….

    2. if you do the HEREOS 360 thing, it is part of it…

    3. he is pretending to be nathan, he has to be some what good…..

    4. he was most likely dead, killed by nathan/Sylar.. and the best laid plans never really work out, do they….

    5. That timelines Peter never thought of it or as was said last night, Niki wanted him to stop all the Heros stuff… Plus maybe he did not think that plan would work….

    6. I do not think anyone can answer that question in lasts nights timeline or the new one…. the little girl question was answered above. matt first saved her….

    7. I never really thought about it. it is a TV show that is to be taken as is. if you want to put the what is going on in the real world into it. Go right ahead. Most poeple I talked to never even looked at it that way. Call us people who just flow and enjoy the show…

    8. Rent control, laughs. another who knows or cares……

    I hope I could answer a few of your questions and if I were you I would just enjoy the stories and do not think about the real world while doing it…


  • WestCoastPat

    You’re really asking why Sylar couldn’t have used his power to take the Haitian’s? Just sit back and think about it for a minute.

  • WestCoastPat, good point 🙂

    But Sylar is an evil genius, could he not find a way!?

  • Steven

    What I wonder is when the Hatian develops a second power… dampening. Or is his dampening trait a side effect of his primary power, the brain-wiping?

  • Sam

    Actually I believe the Haitian focuses his power. For example, if Sylar were to have sneaked up on the Haitian while asleep or caught off guard, he would have been able to use his powers. We know the Haitian focuses who to use them on because while Matt was questioning Present Hiro, he was still able to read his mind even with the Haitian in the room.

  • Steven

    Good thought, Sam. But that still doesn’t answer the original question- when did the Haitian get the power-dampening ability?

  • Alexa

    i hope you realize that primatech paper is completely fake. it is a website created by a fan.

  • Eizen

    discussions like these makes me love Heroes even more. I have to agree with all of you, that this is ONE OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES ever. the effects are spectacular… amazing!

  • ashley


    Actually, is an Official NBC owned Heroes site. is fan created though.

  • Riles

    #7- I wasn’t put off at all by the 9/11 parallels. Other than the whole bomb in NY premise, I started noticing it a few episodes ago. One of the conspiracy theories out there is that the Bush administration (and others…Karl Rove as Linderman?) planned 9/11 so that the world would unite in grief. It seems the writers are using this and other conspiracies in their bomb storyline. Also, that Sylar was the scapegoat for the bomb when it was really Peter, which is what some people think about Bin Laden (scapegoat). Sorry to get political…

  • Chal

    I just realized something, didn’t Sylar absorb the ability where he can hear even the tiniest sounds? How come he wasn’t able to hear Mohinder come up behind him in episode 19?

  • steevmoor