VERONICA MARS Returns Tonight at 9PM

I wouldn’t be much of a TV addict if I didn’t take a moment to remind you that VERONICA MARS finally returns to the CW tonight after far too long a hiatus (damn you PUSSYCAT DOLLS!). In tonight’s installment — the first of five all new episodes — Veronica is hired by a Middle Eastern restaurant owner to find out who’s been vandalizing their business with ethnic slurs. The show, which has been rumoured to be ‘on the bubble’ for months could definitely use your support. So if you’re a fan of quality television, help ensure the fledgling CW network doesn’t ‘pull an EVERWOOD’ and cancel VERONICA MARS before its time. Tune in tonight at 9PM est on the new CW (SunTV in Canada).

You can check out some preview clips over at Yahoo TV.

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  • Kylen

    I came home this evening, terribly excited to watch Veronica Mars (and Gilmore Girls, don’t judge) and found that my CW was replaced with an inexplicable blizzard. The CW streams VM, right? I don’t think they offer the same for GG, though. What an evening! Hope everyone enjoyed the comeback of my favorite show. I will avoid discussion until I can find it online.

    Needed to vent to someone (or some group) that would understand. Have a good evening, everyone. -Kylen*