Got Questions for HEROES Hayden Panettiere?

At noon today, theTVaddict will be taking part in a conference call with HEROES stars Hayden Pannettiere and Eric Roberts. If you have any questions for the world’s most popular cheerleader and the mysterious Mr. Thompson, please post in the comments below.

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  • Which character(s) on Heroes have you found to be the most baffling and surprising at the end of the first season and why?

  • Matt P

    Are any of the cast members practical jokers or try to make you laugh when filming?

    One thing people might not expect how the set is like?

  • shanna

    I know the writers have shifted stories based on the chemistry between actors (i.e. more insight into the Bennet family). Do the writers see the chemistry between Peter and Claire and is there any chance they might become “closer”?

  • Tim

    Dude, he’s her UNCLE.

  • lisa

    Would you say that your a like claire?Why?