Live Blogging LOST (Episode 19, Season 3)

10:00PM: Once again, tonight’s episode looks great. Nobody does promos like ABC.

10:02PM: Don’t you know where we are… no actually we have no idea.

10:05PM: Did Locke always know Sawyer’s real name? I wonder if he’s read intel on all of his fellow castaways.

10:09PM: Okay, is Sawyer really going to fall for this… snap… I guess Locke has been reading up.

10:12PM: Benry Gale is completely manipulating Locke. But why?

10:13PM: Charlie and Jack…akkkwwwaaarrddddd.

10:15PM: You know, if the Losties just took the time to read eachother’s intel, life would probably be a lot easier for all of them.

10:17PM: Sawyer’s obviously going to see Locke’s Dad and realize there’s some sort of connection.

10:17PM: Times are apparently tough for Patrick Dempsey…. voicing a car commercial, really?

10:23PM: What is Ben going to tell Sawyer?

10:25PM: Note to Locke’s Dad… do you really want to be mocking the guy with the knife.

10:27PM: Did each Other have to kill someone to prove their worth? The flight attendant? The kids?

10:29PM: OMG! Sawyer’s gonna kill the wrong guy again! It’s Locke’s Dad… for sure. Clearly, I can should be writing the show!

10:34PM: Sayid totally got an iPhone!

10:36M: The pedestal that Locke’s dad is tied to looks very similar to the giant ancient foot.

10:42PM: “Sawyer’s my name too”… that was wicked.

10:52PM: That was Sawyer’s Emmy clip right there.

10:59PM: Any chance Locke’s Dad can regenerate from that strangling?

10:59PM: I can’t believe it’s over! Great episode, but naturally… so many questions. The final three episodes look incredible.

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  • Rhonda

    How come no one presses for answers on this freakin island!!! “You brought him here” then he gets bit and forgets to ask WTF does that mean ! Oooo I get so frustrated!!

  • Woo Hoo, I’m not alone. thanks for stopping by Rhonda.

  • Rhonda

    LOVE the way he was tied to that tree!! That was some Gilligan’s Island shit there!

  • Rhonda

    Wow, where is everybody tonight? Did the others get them? (callback to when you disappered on us, HA!)

  • It is quiet tonight… a little too quiet… spooky.

  • Frank

    10 bucks says Dharma planted the fake plane and bodies

  • I’ll take that bet 🙂 Actually I won’t… I sort of agree.

  • Rhonda

    Hey everybody, Franks here! (crickets) It was getting kinda lonely!

  • I’ve always wondered… Where’d they get a shovel? Would there have been a shovel on the plane, or would they have gotten it from the hatch?

  • Rhonda

    Methinks this is a trick!

  • Kari

    Hi! I decided to jump in with the theory that Locke’s Dad is the real Sawyer and that’s why Locke brought him.

  • How excited is everyone for tomorrow’s GREY’S Spinoff? Love Addison!

  • Kari, thanks for stopping by. I think that theory has been floating around for a while, and I also think you may be correct!

  • Frank

    i hate the fact that everytime Lockes Dad wants to say something important like “Dont you know where we are?” and “You havent figured it out have you?” He gets interupted before he can say it.

    Wayyy more questions that answers in this episode, but im enjoying it. It better have a decent payoff though

  • Dana

    I missed a bunch of eps this season on lost so i might be behind but could Locke’s dad be the actual Sawyer… the orginal one that killed his parents?

  • Rhonda

    Aw, come on Professor, you can fix that phone with a couple of coconuts!

  • Frank… completely agree. Talk to eachother dammit! Communication, the key to any good relationship.

  • Dana

    Okay I realize now that Kari said that but I posted mine before I saw hers

  • Rhonda

    Hey Todd, not only do they have shovels but alot of “guyliner”.

  • Rhonda


  • Bets.. is Sawyer going togo through with it….? WIll he kill the original Sawyer?

  • Kari

    I don’t think Sawyer will kill him. He’s trying to be good. Maybe Locke will finally kill him.

  • Dana

    Yes, he has wanted to forever.

  • Frank

    he’ll definatly kill him. Hes attempted it before, rememeber he wrote that note when he was a kid.

  • Dana

    This is definately the coolest connection by far.

  • Rhonda

    I could watch that clip from Grey’s of Merideth getting slapped all day long!

  • Thanks for dropping by everyone! See ya next week.

  • Tim

    “Did Locke always know Sawyer’s real name? I wonder if he’s read intel on all of his fellow castaways.”

    He has. I believe since they found the manifest Locke started referring to him as James.

    “The pedestal that Locke’s dad is tied to looks very similar to the giant ancient foot.”

    I was thinking the same thing.

    “That was Sawyer’s Emmy clip right there.”

    Again, agreed. I was thinking that if any ep would ever get him a nom/win, this was it.

    Anyway, great ep. I love how they don’t let little nagging questions linger anymore. They cleared up the “magic box” confusion and cleared up whether it was just the fuselage that was found with the burnt remains of the dead passengers or not.