SCRUBS Cancelled? theTVaddict Called It First!

In an articlce posted last Thursday April 26, theTVaddict speculated that NBC was preparing to say goodbye to SCRUBS thanks to some suspiciously vague promos that aired during NBC’S Comedy Night Done Right.

One week later, Variety has finally caught on. In an article posted on their web site yesterday, the headline read: “NBC hints at ‘Scrubs’ demise… Promos being kept deliberately vague.”

Coincidence? I think not! Even Variety, the world’s preeminent Entertainment newspaper is a fan of On a totally unrelated note, theTVaddict is always looking for an excuse to move to Los Angeles. Job offers can be emailed to

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  • ewanspotter

    Does it really matter though? Isn’t ABC supposed to pick it up? So, not really cancelled per se…

  • I’m glad ABC will be taking Scrubs over, because I’ve just recently gotten into Scrubs (since it’s on about 20 times a day), and it’s great!

    Those ads were incredibly vague…that’s for sure.

  • mg714

    I’m glad that it seems that no matter what, Scrubs will likely be back for one more season whether on ABC or NBC. But, I hope it stays on NBC and that NBC keeps its Thursday night comedy night in tact. That is the best group of comedies on TV right now and I love having Thursdays to look forward to.

  • Jay

    I feel so bad! I haven’t watched it this year because I’m Supernaturally Obsessed! I was just gonna wait 4 the DVD! They better not cancel it! ABC, please pick it up and put it on Tuesdays!!! I only watch Nip/Tuck & Dirt and there both 10 pm shows. Tuesday’s suck!!

  • You’re moving to LA?

  • The moment somebody offers me a job 🙂

  • Xanzou

    Hey Jay you should check out House or Veronica Mars on Tuesdays, but besides that i do hope ABC picks it up, it would prob have better ratings there plus i could watch supernatural on Thursdays