GILMORE GIRLS Officially Over

Well, it’s official. GILMORE GIRLS is indeed coming to an end. It would seem that the CW and Warner Bros simply didn’t pony up enough money to lure back stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel for a shortened 13 episode season. In an official statement, the CW and Warner Bros Television announced:

“Announcing the final season of Gilmore Girls is truly a sad moment for everyone at The CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television’s most memorable, lovable characters. We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as well as the producers, writers and crew for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and Gilmore fans for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send off it deserves.”

Are you prepared to say goodbye to Stars Hollow forever? Does Alexis Bledel really think that shedding her ‘Rory’ persona thirteen episodes early is going to save her fledgling film career? Does anyone else find it ironic that GILMORE GIRLS — a series that spent seven years preaching the values of community and friends over financial status — came to an end purely based on dollars and cents? Is it possible that the end of GILMORE GIRLS is the best thing that’s happened to VERONICA MARS all season long? Post away with your thoughts below.

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  • paketep

    A pity. I don’t see how they can end it properly with only ¿two? episodes left 🙁

  • becky

    I AM SO SAD! After a disappointing season, I really thought that with one more season they could get the luke/lorelai train back on track, to close this season as the end is going to be a really sad end to such a great show in past seasons. I really don’t think they can close the show in the coming weeks to a point the fans with be happy with, and that is the worst part of this whole thing. Sad face.

  • Nicole

    Ugh. If this season wasn’t so horrible, I wouldn’t be as upset as I am! At LEAST we could have hoped the wonderful series would go out on a good note, but that would require loose ends tied up and the happiness of the Gilmore girls ensured, and I don’t think that is entirely possible with just two episodes left. I will miss this show so much!!!!!

    On a slightly happier note, the CW now has NO excuse to cancel Veronica Mars, because one of its veteran shows is leaving and opening another slot that had better not be filled by another Pussycat Doll-like show, or a quickly cancelled new series. No, I am now PRAYING that Veronica Mars will be safe and return for a much needed fourth season!

  • Jay

    Well I’m only sad 2 see it go because it gave Jared P. his breaking role but other than that, I haven’t watched it since the 5th season but I’ll watch the finale.

  • Jay

    …Better chance 4 Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babygirrr

    I am personally sad, my daughter and I have watched this show together from the beginning. It will be an end to a night together we rarely get anymore. She is a teenager now and that show was always the glue that held us together at 8 o’clock on Tuesday nights. I will indeed miss that and my sweet town of stars hollow. I don’t know one person who wouldn’t have loved to live there for at least a brief amount of time. I also agree there is no way they will tie this one up that will leave me happy.

    All I have to say to Alexis is, look at Sarah Michelle Gellar. Has she done anything amazing since leaving Buffy? I love SMG dont’ get me wrong, but she left to get her movie career going and what has she really been in since?

  • I don’t think it was money. Although they were offered higher salaries, I’m sure that the actors are ready to move on to something else and no amount of money would have mattered. Quite the bummer though.

  • VCAD

    Hey I’ve never been a GG fan so this means nothing to be except for the fact that this might give a chance for renowal to my favorite show on tv Veronica Mars!!! yey!

  • Josh

    Ausiello at TVGuide says the network offered them raises for the shortened season and they turned it down. So fans should blame Lauren and Alexis, not the CW.

    Is this good news for VM? I just read something about the CW being happy with their new shows and that’s why they were fine letting GG go. If that’s the case then they won’t feel the need to bring VM back.

  • Word around LA is the CW LOVES their Pilots with the one from the OC guy a lock for pickup and they have good buzz on a few others as they try to broaden their viewer base. I don’t think it helps VM at all… Would think it actually hurts as the CW may go for the band-aid ( rip it off ) approach and cut the shows like GGs and VM. VMs numbers this past week were terrible again. People just don’t tune in and watch and at the end of the day it’s about making money…

    I do think it’s great news for One Tree Hill fans… they have nice numbers last night and I’d bet they are a lock to come back….

    The key is staying out of Idols path and not going weeks/months with no new eps….

  • Enidee

    It’s coming to an end because it was getting worse and worse. Even the actresses ackowledged it.

  • sofia


  • Thelma

    I am a little sad about GG ending with only 2 episodes left to tie everything up! It just doesn’t seem like enough time to mourn the passing of the once great show.
    I do hope that the CW brings VM back for a 4th season and Supernatural for a 3rd season! These are fine shows and I love watching them!

  • Alyssa12

    I am a little sad that gilmore girls is ending, but to say that I am surprised would be a flat out lie. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the show’s days were numbered after ASP left. The end of season six and most of season seven hasn’t been ‘the essence’ of Gilmore Girls. Bottom line, I’m sad that it’s ending, and I hope the last few episodes are better than the rest of the season so that it can end on a happy note.

  • :(((((((((((!!!!!!!!!! It is sad Gilmore girls is ending I love that show

  • Shirley


  • Christie

    MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY DONE!!! This show was my one and only and its gone now. This sucksssss!!! And, when does season 7 come out?! My channels got taken away so I didn’t get to keep track with it and now everyone’s saying its a dissappointing season and I WANNA KNOW WHY! plus, I have all the other seasons so I want this one too!

  • Nicole

    This show has been my favorite of all time. every tuesday at 8 i would sit down and watch to see what would come next. i liked it because it was funny and u never knew what was going to happen. every wednesday morning my friend natalie and i would talk about the night b4 and would look forward to the next week togeter. this season was a bit sad though. i feel like they left u in a bad place. rory leaving and luke and lorelai kissing? what is going to happen? i wish they would do that 13 episode season to tie all the loose ends up because it is terrible to justt leavee the showw likee thatt! i no its time to move on and get over it because they arent doing another season but it is a mistake to leave all the fans hanging like that. well i will just have to find a new show to watch because this one was a disappointment. i wish all the fans goodluck and i no how u all feel. this show was a big part of my life and now it is gone. i might just have to cry. ):

  • valj224

    Gilmore Girls was my favorie show, crappy Christopher episodes and all, and I am heartbroken. It wasn’t just the Lorelei/Rory combination, but all the wonderful characters in Stars Hollow and in the Gilmore family. We will never see an ensemble cast like that again and I wonder how many of those actors will find work, let alone on a series. The one good thing was that the final episode left us with all the possibilities of the first episode. Still, I doubt that there will ever be a show like GG for me again…it had such wit and charm and innocence and hope. I feel like I’ve lost something very special, and it’s going to hurt for quite awhile.

  • I love Gilmore girls it shows the relationship between adn mother and a daughter i am truly devastated that it is ending. After all these year it is ending i just do not want to believe it.

  • Anomunois

    My older sister, my mother and I loved this show and are depressed that it has ended. It just seems like it cant be true. We used to always hang out together on tuesdays and eat popcorn, coffee, and milk while laughing and enjoying the show. We want it to come back really badly.

  • LIL

    This is stupid they cannot just leave it like this!!!! Gilmore Girls is a part of life and if they don’t at least make an 8th season I am going to crack I am so sad that it is over I have no slept for WEEKS!!! I feel heart broken knowing that Logan and Orry are over so stop the heart break of everyone ALL over the WORLD and finish the 8th season PLEASE!!!!!

  • LIL

    I meant Rory sorry!!!

  • ali

    I miss this show so terribly much! bring it back bring it back