Hayden Panettiere Hopes Claire Scores a Boyfriend Next Season

Yesterday, the TV Addict took part in a conference call with HEROES stars Hayden Panettiere (Claire) and Eric Roberts (Thompson). Not surprisingly, the actors were tight-lipped on what fans can expect from the much-anticipated season finale (where are my Parkman-like mind reading abilities when I need them?) and in fact claimed to know absolutely nothing about where the show would head in season two.

“We all kind of stopped guessing where the show is going,” admits Panettiere. “At the beginning of the series, we were constantly wondering where the story was heading, but the show is completely unpredictable and the writers like to leave us in the dark.”

With a gleam in our eye, we had to ask a question we knew was on the lips of every male viewer: When would Claire get a boyfriend? (And how do we apply for the position?)

“There has been talk about it,” she shares, “and it’s definitely a possibility in season two. It’s something I’d like to see. I think the fans want to see Claire as a normal teenager, a human being dealing with everyday issues and a boyfriend is something girls usually have in high school.”

Wonder if maybe Claire has a thing for older guys? Hey, we’re just askin’.

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