HEROES Take Over Entertainment Weekly

heroes entertainment weekly covers

Turns out the most powerful hero of all may be NBC’s marketing department. How else to explain the fact that a hero (or is it villain?) convinced theTVaddict’s favourite magazine Entertainment Weekly to release not one, but five different HEROES covers hyping the final episodes of NBC’s hottest show.

EW promises that each cover is packed with clues with regards to the the final episodes of the season. Needless to say, I leave it to you my dear readers to decipher the clues. Post away with your theories, and click the link below for all five covers.

heroes entertainment weekly covers

heroes entertainment weekly covers

heroes entertainment weekly covers

heroes entertainment weekly covers

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  • A few observations to get us started…..

    Background colour: Sylar/Linderman/Nathan/Hiro all have the same background colour?
    Is this a sign of the two distinct sides forming? (Could Hiro really go evil? Perhaps if Ando dies?)

    The mysterious icon is on the poker chips on the Sylar?Linderman cover

    Michah is ‘missing’ in the Nikki/Jessica DL cover

  • Erica

    No! Say it isn’t so. They’ve squished Pasdar and Quinto’s faces together and I don’t want Nathan to die. 🙁

    I guess FireMamma will be back because I don’t know how else Peter’s going to get the BicFlic ability.

  • Xanzou

    I wonder why Nikki has a picture of Micah that says Missing, doesnt she know it was Linderman who took him?

  • Xanzou — perhaps Linderman didn’t bother to give Micah back!

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  • Ashlyn

    Peter has Claire’s mom’s power on his cover. Perhaps he meets her in the last episodes?

  • Linda B.

    Nathan’s picture is creeping me out!

  • JennyC

    Can anyone tell what that painting/picture is next to Masi Oka? It’s in the lower left hand corner.

  • Chuck D

    All the covers connect. Starting with the first one, if you lay them all next to each other, the background is that painting of the explosion. Also if you notice, the bottom left of each cover has certain objects. Hiro & Nathan – some type of picture. Clair & Bennett – Not sure which object. You have the viles with blood, the glass that was in Peter’s head…Peter, Parkman, & Suresh – Flame in Peter’s hand, person in painting on fire…Jessica & DL – Missing poster of Micah, Nikki in the mirror…Linderman & Sylar – Snow Globe in bottom left. Maybe these objects all relate, maybe not. Throwing some theories around also, maybe Sylar is killed, but Linderman heals him? Then he kills Nathan and etc. Anybody have guesses on how this all relates?

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  • Monkey

    The one w/Claire & HRG, isnt that the shard of glass (with the blood on it) Claire pulled out of Peter’s head?

  • Jay

    any word if Supernatural is in the top 25?

  • Why is Matt Parkman the only one that is’nt looking at the camera?

  • WolfKing

    He’s reading Peter’s mind.

  • Boozer

    If you notice, Peter is at the center of the explosion.

  • I just combined all the covers into one for the fans out there.

    The photo is located at: http://ibbydibby.com/other/heroes.jpg