GREY’S ANATOMY: Melrose Place

When the only words of praise I can conjure up with regards to last night’s Addison-centric episode of GREY’S ANATOMY was that it was awfully exciting to get to spend some time with ALIAS alums David Anders/Merrin Dungey (Sark and Francie respectively) as well as EVERWOOD’s Stephanie Niznik (Nina) — Shonda Rhimes and crew most definitely have some work to do if they’re hoping to turn their Addison edition into the juggernaut that is GREY’S ANATOMY.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy GREY’S ANATOMY: OCEANSIDE, I just expected so much more. A voice in the elevator! Horny immature Doctors! Wacky medical mysteries! Marital troubles and Chris Lowell shirtless! Did Addison take a wrong turn in LA and end up in MELROSE PLACE?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully on board and will of course be watching the series when it inevitably gets picked up come Fall ’08. I just hope that ABC takes the time to reign in creators Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, who seem to have let the success of GREY’S ANATOMY get to their head. Fart jokes? Did I really just hear that in a show that doesn’t include 2.5 Men? Post away with your thoughts.

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  • coffeeaddict

    while the Addison spinoff still needs some work I really liked that the show was different from Grey’s and not a boring carbon copy. Plus, I liked that the issues were different because they revolved around characters in their 30’s who have different issues than our beloved interns. Plus, I loved seeing Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, and Amy Brenneman!

  • I actually really dug the spinoff. Yes, it needs a bit of time to work out the kinks but I think the groundwork is there for an interesting show that is completely different from Grey’s. The one think I totally appreciated was that, save a few uneven moments, it wasn’t as cutesy and gimmicky as Grey’s, which has gotten old over time. It was more a straightforward drama, and I dug that. Also — FANTASTIC cast. Truly. The one nitpick I have is that I was really hoping Paul Adelstein was going to play an asshole character. He’s so good at that. I’m going to have to get used to this sad-sack sort of guy he’s playing, but I’m sure he can pull it off.

  • Josh

    I’ve gotta disagree with you as I loved the spin-off. It was entertaining, exciting, the cast is likable, the medical storylines were interesting; all things I cannot say about the Seattle Grace segments from last night. The original Grey’s has went so far downhill that I was just glad to see something different. Aside from Alex and the completely underused Bailey, the show is falling apart.

    Although there was one Seattle scene I loved last night. Finally, someone slapped Meredith! They didn’t do it for the reasons I would’ve, but it was still great to see.

  • Tonya

    I was really disappointed in Grey’s 2.0! Throughout the show I kept getting flashbacks feelings of Ally McBeal…which I never really cared for. I felt that there was a superficialness and immaturity to all the characters that rang untrue. The dialogue wouldn’t have seemed so out of place if they were interns/younger, like on Grey’s, but it just didn’t work with these characters. Also I think the camaraderie between everyone felt “off.” We were supposed to believe everyone was such great friends and that there was this huge history between them, but I just didn’t feel it! I will have to admit that I loved seeing “Sark” and wish he’d be on EVERY week!

  • Tee

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble about the spin-off, but it was a poorman’s GA with a lot of sunshine! I didn’t feel the “draw” to the characters that i immediately felt with GA. It lacked rapport between actors, the epi did not lay any foundation into what the storyline was going to be, but rather felt like i accidentally fell into the 3rd season of a show.
    Though some say the cast is great, they are somehow overshadowed by their previous acting stints, therefore making their new characters unbelievable.Bottomline : Not on my agenda for next Fall!

  • Ashley

    I definitely won’t be watching. The spinoff was AWFUL. Terrible acting and writing. The best part for me was seeing David Anders again. Besides that, I kept waiting for Grey’s Anatomy to come back.

  • Linda B.

    I completely agree w/ Tee and Ashley. I was thouroughly bored during the LA scenes. After seeing the very first episode of GA, i was excited, felt immediately connected to the characters, and wanted more. Not at all w/ this show. Send Addison back to Seattle and forget those boring friends in LA!

  • allie

    Sorry, but I loved the spin-off. From what I’ve read they (i.e. Shonda et al) have intended the spin-off to be more soapy and not just Greys #2. If you are not into soaps then don’t watch the spin-off and just stick with Greys. I personally will be watching both.

    I loved Paul Adelstein. He was OK in Prison Break but he was HOT as hell in this show. Phoar!

  • Fall ’08? You mean ’07 right?

  • Josh

    I’d seen Chris Lowell (VM), Paul Adelstein(Prison Break), and Merrin Dungey (The King Of Queens) on previous shows, but I didn’t have any trouble seeing them in their roles on PP. I thought they did a great job, especially Adelstein. I thought it would be difficult to see him as anything but Kellerman, but he was very likable.

    I’m not saying this first ep of PP matches the original Grey’s when it was in its prime during Season 2, but I liked it and I’ll be watch it in the fall. It was a great pilot.

  • sofia

    will it air fall 07 or 08??

  • shanna

    I also went in fully expectng to hate the “spin-off’ and ended up loving it. I’m all set to see where it goes but personally, I think that cast of people is fine enough to stand on their own without Kate Walsh heading the cast. So note to Shonda: You can keep Addy in Seattle.

    Also, just to point out, Shonda wasn’t looking to make a “spin-off”. She just wanted Addison to make this trip and find out about being infertile. ABC and the producers picked up the story and ran with the idea of a separate show. Initially, it was just going to be a regular ep where Addison goes to LA to see a fertily specialist (and friend) who tells her she’s now infertile.