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Are Katie Couric’s Days Numbered?
Is it better to be well-known… or popular? Obviously, it’s better to be both, but poor Katie Couric won’t be experiencing that double-high anytime soon. According to a new Gallup Poll, the much-ballyhooed anchor of CBS’ evening newscast was known by all but 13 percent of those questioned, but “disliked” by a whopping 29 percent. That’s one third of the people polled who get a negative vibe from the former TODAY host. Worse, the reason 29 percent of respondents gave for their less-than-rosy view of the anchor was simply that they simply “don’t like her.” That attitude is reflected in the ratings, which lags behind first-place ABC’s evening newscast by about 2 million viewers. A new executive producer has been brought in to try and salvage the sinking ship, but is it too little too late? What’s your take on Couric? When it comes to news, where do you turn and who do you trust?

Modine High On WEED(S)
Although last year’s cliffhanger left us wondering if WEEDS’ heroine, Nancy, might wind up six feet under, it looks as if she’ll instead be experiencing some big love thanks to a newcomer named Sullivan, to be played in at least 10 episodes by Matthew Modine. Of course, since nothing comes easy for our favorite desperate housewife, Nancy will face stiff competition from – who else? – Celia, who also makes a play for the handsome real estate developer.

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  • Mara

    Charlie Gibson, hands down. We finally have a worth successor to the late, great Peter Jennings.

  • Linda B.

    I like Brian Williams. He seems very professional.

    I used to like Katie Couric when she was on the Today Show, but i think i feel she lost the ‘loyalty’ factor when she switched networks. NBC gave her a home and ALOT of $$$ for 15+ years.

  • I’m not a Katie Couric fan, but I have to wonder: When did it become important that we LIKE our newscasters? It’s not as if Dan Rather was a warm and fuzzy guy…

  • Monica

    It saddens me that Couric is doing so bad. I have watched her and she seems unhappy and lost. I wish she would have some courage to do what she wants. I wonder if people behind the scenes are smothering her.