theTVaddict Vents

I don’t know if it’s due to exhaustion (‘Mac’ likes to wake me up at the crack of dawn), rip-off airlines (yes I’m talking to you Air Canada, why does it cost me $800 to fly to San Diego for Comic Con ’07?), or the fact that my Entertainment Weekly never seems to arrive in my mailbox on Fridays anymore — but theTVaddict is in a bad mood.

Hence this post. Nothing cures the blahs like getting a few things off ones chest. So here it goes, theTVaddict’s list of things he’s angry about this week in the world of television.

What’s the deal with last night’s episode of THE OFFICE? Could Dwight be any dumber? How does he not recognize a sketch of himself? If somebody drew me with a moustache, I think I’d figure out, and I’m not even a volunteer sheriff. Oh, and while I’m on the subject of THE OFFICE — men hanging out in the ladies luxurious bathroom. It’s already been done. See NEWSRADIO five years ago.

UGLY BETTY is almost perfect. The only thing that’s holding the show back back is the seriously lame story-line of Alexis and Bradford Meade. Memo to Alexis: Who cares that your daddy doesn’t love you, get over it… you’re a freakin’ Millionaire Super Model.

GLOBAL TV. I pay good money to receive your channel in High Definition. What do I expect in return, well umm — high definition content. Can you please explain why this weeks episodes of HEROES and GILMORE GIRLS are not in HD, even when they air on Global TV HD?

ALEXIS BLEDEL — if you think you’ll ever be able to rid yourself of your Rory Gilmore persona, think again. I’ve seen your movies and you pretty much playing a variation of yourself every time. Not that you asked my opinion, but here it goes. I would have taken the money for thirteen more episodes…. odds are you’re going to (one day) need it.

WOW, I feel better already. Getting stuff off your chest seriously works. Post away with your own TV grievances, you’ll feel better guaranteed!

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  • babygirrr

    My sisters and I have to agree with you about Alexis as I said in an earlier post, she won’t get much better than GG. Also what is up with Lauren Grahm too, I mean her acting is almost the same in everything she is in. I don’t see her going for oscar or emmy stuff anytime soon. We have been arguing about this for months, my sis works for the local CW in our town and she has been telling me for months they were dunzo, but I kept holding out hope that money would persuade them to stick around for another 13, but in the end she was right, as usual, let’s just hope she is wrong about VM being dead as a door nail.

  • Common Sense

    My initial thoughts on Gilmore Girls: Don’t Lauren and Alexis have any consideration for the cast and crew members they’ve worked with for seven years…who are all trying to support families? Some of these actors will never….NEVER….get work like this again. Do you realize how rare it is to have a critically-acclaimed TV series success? It was very selfish on their part to turn down huge raises for less work. Hey, the network tried…but you can’t just let two broads drag it out forever. Decisions had to be made.

    Let’s hope that Hidden Palms fills the void.

    As for Veronica, it would be an unwise business decision to bring it back. Ol’ Les Moonves may have bent to Ostroff’s wishes the first time, but he won’t be fooled twice.

  • You know I worship the keys you type on, but I couldn’t disagree more about last night’s the office: I thought it was one of the best episodes of the year. There were some classic lines, and as for the Dwight poster, I thought it was perfectly in keeping with the Dwight that we’ve come to know over the past few years. He’s completely myopic when it comes to these types of things.

  • coffeeaddict

    Tuesday nights for the last seven years of my life have been Gilmore Girls! It’s been a bonding point for my mom and I as well as for countless friends. As much as I still love Alexis and Lauren, I think they owe fans those last thirteen episodes to say goodbye and end on a high note. Also, where’s the medicine on Grey’s Anatomy???? Let’s get back to pulling people off polls, removing forks from necks, and doing some work in the ‘teaching hospital.’ All the drama doesn’t work without some medicine thrown in the mix. Plus, Gizzie disgusts me! My tv world if falling in around me! Ok, maybe that last bit was too dramatic. . . but, seriously? the tv world needs to get it together!

  • becky

    OMG, I totally agree that The Office was crazy with Dwight being so stupid he didn’t recongize his own picture? That was a little over the top for me. My biggest thing to vent on right now is that NBC keeps putting Scrubs on in January each year after it gets nominated for a frakkin emmy. NBC doesn’t seem to appreciate Scrubs at all and doesn’t deserve it on it’s station. Every single year it seems fans need to go through the will they, won’t they keep Scrubs on for another season. They should wake up and appreciate a brilliance in a show when it has it! Also, I am really dissapointed gilmore girls won’t be back for one more season and agree that Alexis Bledel is basically playing herself in every film role and probably won’t have any real future in film, unfortunately.

  • Alyson

    Alexis has no talent whatsoever, she is only playing her mumbly, but cute self and was through 7 season supported by either Lauren Graham (who is a really great actress, “babygirr”), Scott Patterson, Matt Czruchy, Liza Weil or Keiko Ageno. I am really sorry for the great cast that has been made jobless by one self-centered “actress”.
    I hope Alexis career will be non-existant in two months.

  • Josh

    I agree tralfaz, The Office was brilliant this week. Dwight not recognizing his own face was compeltely believable.

    I also agree with what someone above said regarding “Gizzie.” Yuck.

  • Alyssa

    Alexis doesn’t owe anybody anything. And not every actor is in the business for money. If the 25 year old girl wants to move on from a job that she has had for seven years, who are any of us to say that she’s selfish for wanting to move on. Isn’t it far more selfish to expect somebody you’ve never met to consider you before she considers herself.

    Sorry for my rant. I’m just sick of people acting like they’re owed something.

  • Mandy

    I thought I would do the Canadian-ized post: I am happy to hear that your EW is coming late to you in Toronto, because I just moved to Calgary from Toronto and I’m luck if I get my new issue the following Thursday, if at all! So maybe the delay is all over now, and now just here in the west. As well, I was unaware the Global is actually HD-compliant. I have a friend who’s dad works for Global and he’s been traveling around trying to get Global set up in HD, so I think they are screwing you my friend… I’m pretty sure they aren’t totally HD yet. Try to watch the regular networks in HD – I think you actually get the real network, and not the Global or other Canadian feed. Hope this helps! You are not alone!