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While it may currently be “on the bubble,” one thing can’t be denied: When LAW & ORDER is firing on all pistons, it’s unbeatable. This week’s episode did what the 17-year-old drama does best: Rip a story from the headlines (in this case the Shawn Hornbeck case) and then take it in a new and shocking direction. In that way, L&O has more in common with THE SIMPSONS than it’s crime fighting brethren. Think that’s a stretch? Consider this: Both L&O and THE SIMPSONS typically start with something that seems familiar and then go in exciting and unexpected directions.

If you’re not watching critically-adored but ratings-lacking shows such as VERONICA MARS or FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, shame on you… and don’t let us hear you complaining about the plethora of reality shows which will continue to flood the airwaves. THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT PUSSYCAT DOLL drew in a significantly larger number of viewers than MARS, which normally aired in that timeslot. And that’s just sad.

Rumor has it that FOX will bring back the DOA Brad Garrett-led comedy ‘TIL DEATH based on how successful it was in the post-IDOL slot. Um, guys, you could get great ratings by running a test pattern in that slot. Before making a decision, run a few episodes of DEATH in a spot where it’ll have to earn its own living. Chances are you’ll find yourselves with another slot to fill. (Too bad you didn’t bother launching DRIVE in the post-IDOL slot. Maybe it would have stood a chance.)

What’s with AS THE WORLD TURNS’ cheestacular new opening? The show has a lot going for it these days, but the recently updated opening ain’t one of them. Heck, there are better fan-created openings on youtube!

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  • Common Sense

    There are worse sitcoms than ‘Til Death. It actually has a few laughs…better than The War At Home, wouldn’t ya say?

    P.S. Could you add one more choice to your current Idol poll:

    “Who frakkin cares?” :p

  • Sam

    Oh Drive…I can’t talk about that. Too painful.