The Lauren Graham Interview

Well, they don’t call him Scoopy-Doo for nothing. Not surprisingly, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello was the first reporter to score a post-GILMORE interview with everyone’s favourite ‘girl’ Lauren Graham. When asked about the reason a last minute deal fell through for a final season of GILMORE GIRLS, Graham had this to say:

“Well, you know, there was a lot that went back and forth by the time the [13 episode thing] came out. I had sort of said to them a couple of months ago that I didn’t see it coming back, and they had asked to just give them some time to figure something out that would make it work. Both Alexis and I felt tired, and also creatively like the show was in a place where we were either at the end or very close to it. We really couldn’t imagine another season. I think they were trying to tempt us with 13, which was tempting, but ultimately it just wasn’t going to work for them. We needed the situation to be so ideal, and I think it just wasn’t meant to be. I do want to say that the studio and the network were very generous and very respectful in this whole process. We just didn’t want to work the schedule we’d been working. But if we’re working a lesser schedule, what is the show? The way we’d like to have done it would not have necessarily been good for the show. Right now you have me working six to seven days an episode, and Alexis doing about the same. To do anything less than that just wasn’t going to be the same show. They tried to make it appealing for us, and we tried to be imaginative, but then at the end of the day it just felt like we were trying to do something impossible.”

Needless to say, the interview in its entirety is quite an interesting read. But let’s face it, anyone can get Lauren Graham to talk, the girls loves to talk! If Ausiello really wants to impress us, he’ll get Michel Alexis Bledel on the line. Can’t wait to hear what her next project is.

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  • Jay

    Good 4 them!!! I haven’t watched the show since Dean left the show, I always thought Rory & Dean were the heart of the story besides the mother & Daughter story.

  • I’m a Dean girl too! There was a nice tone to the series back then, Rory and Dean were so innocent, young love and all that. I really miss the simplicity of the stories back then.

  • shanna

    I think it’s a sham after reading the article that Amy didn’t get to end the show. Despite the constraints, I think Alexis and Lauren should have held out for Amy to come back and finish the final 13 eps in a way that was satisfying and fit her vision for the show.

  • Bob

    Amy couldn’t come back, after what David did to the show, there’s no way she could have corrected the derailment that was this season, or for that matter, the mess she made when April showed up at Lukes. That was the “jump the shark” moment for me.