Amrie’s Take on TV: UpFront Preview (Part 1)

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time of year when people like us, TV Addicts, wait with anticipation to see what’s going to happen for next year. So I thought that while we wait together, we’d break down what’s been renewed, what’s been cancelled, and what we need to cross our fingers for going forward! This week, we’ll start with NBC and ABC. Next week, we’ll tackle CBS, FOX, and The CW!


What do we not need to worry about?
The Apprentice (really?), The Biggest Loser, ER (for the millionth season), Football Night in America, Heroes, Las Vegas, Law & Order: SVU, Medium, My Name is Earl, The Office (I heard rumblings of an hour long Office all year long?), Sunday Night Football, 30 Rock (yay!)

What shows are looking good for renewal, but haven’t gotten there yet?
1 vs. 100, Dateline NBC, Deal or No Deal, Identity, Scrubs (if they don’t pick it up, which I’m a bit worried about, ABC has made it clear they’ll pick it up)

What shows are riding that bubble?
Friday Night Lights (the chances keep going up. Fingers crossed that it’s a definite renewal!), Law & Order, Law & Order: CI (CI is more likely to be cancelled than the mothership), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (it really needs to wow people when it comes back in order to get picked up), Raines (you know I love it!)

What should we prepare to say goodbye to, officially?
20 Good Years (no official cancellation yet, really?), Crossing Jordan (rumors abound that it’s getting a renewal – I’m holding out judgement on that one), Grease: You’re the One That I Want, Thank God You’re Here.

What shows did they already can?
Sadly, Kidnapped and The Black Donnellys

What is still to come?
The Singles Table looks good – let’s see if NBC lets it grow.

NBC has great shows and low ratings. I hope that they show faith in FNL like they did with ratings underachiever 30 Rock. Studio 60 has such a strong pedigree that it might get a small renewal, maybe not a full season. It’s likely that NBC will have to choose between the original L&O and the D’Onofrio L&O. It should be interesting.


What do we not need to worry about?
America’s Funniest Homes Videos, The Bachelor (seriously?), Boston Legal, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey’s Anatomy, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lost, Men In Trees (I feel like this has been gone forever…), Supernanny, Ugly Betty, Wife Swap, Saturday Night College Football

What shows are looking good for renewal, but haven’t gotten there yet?
20/20, Primetime, October Road (they did pretty well in the ratings, and ABC seemed to have this year’s What About Brian shocker on their hands)

What shows are riding that bubble?
According to Jim (seriously?), The George Lopez Show, Knights of Prosperity, What About Brian (they may not be spared the same lucky fate they got last year), Notes from the Underbelly (with ABC’s penchant for crappy comedy, this not so bad show might get saved)

What should we prepare to say goodbye to, officially?
Big Day, Extreme Makeover, Help Me Help You, In Case of Emergency, The Nine (really, this show hasn’t been cancelled yet? Tim Daly has moved on….)

What shows did they already can?
Day Break (Taye Diggs has great chemistry with Kate Walsh, so I hope Private Practice takes off), Show Me the Money (I don’t even remember this show….), Six Degrees, The Great American Dream Vote (poor Donny Osmond)

What is still to come?
Traveler (I’m hearing good things; it might throw a wrench in What About Brian or October Road’s plans)

Bottom line?
ABC has a pretty solid drama block that doesn’t leave much room for new shows to come in and break the mold. They really need to get a handle on their comedy situation if they really intend to compete with CBS for the top network spot.

What are your thoughts for NBC and ABC? What do you expect to see next Monday or Tuesday at their Up Front presentations?

In Other News

I still like Jeff Goldblum’s Raines. That’s that.

I love Weeds. This weekend, I spent a full day watching 22 episodes. I cannot wait for new episodes!!

So on one hand I’m excited about the end of Lost. On the other, this gives the writers 3 years to screw with our minds…Should be interesting!

Okay, have a good week – feedback is always welcome –

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  • Jenny

    Great job Amrie! Nice to see them listed like that. 🙂

  • paketep

    “This week, we’ll start with ABC and CBS”

    ABC and NBC 😉

  • Oops! I had originally started with ABC and CBS and then realized that NBC is the first one out of the gate next week, so wanted to be sure I covered that! Thanks for picking up on that paketep! My apologies!! 🙂

  • Lunco

    ER is the greatest show evah. Are they really renewing it? The final episodes are kind of fishy (watch out for SPOILERS), they closed the ER down and Luka and Abby got married. It’s kind of ending >_>

  • “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (it really needs to wow people when it comes back in order to get picked up)”

    Not so much. The first “new” episode of “Studio 60” doesn’t even air until NBC has already had its upfront. And since word has it the “Studio 60” sets are being dismantled, I think it’s safe to say that Sorking is walking-and-talking to his next show.

  • Seth — Hope Springs Eternal… sets can be rebuilt!

    Sure it will never happen, but Sorkin’s STUDIO 60 deserved far better treatment by NBC.

    Even at its worst, it was better than 75% of what’s already on television.

  • Common Sense

    Finally got to watch Thursday’s insanely-great The Office (Creed: If that’s a crime, lock me up!)…and Scrubs with Keri Russell. Will someone please give Keri her own series again??!!

    Anyway, if NBC drops SCRUBS they’re crazy. That show is absolutely hysterical. (Maybe it was Keri’s presence? Let’s add her to the cast, STAT.)

    On a happy note, King of Queens outperformed insipid Two-1/2 Losers last night. Maybe CBS will see the light and give Kevin and Leah a “7th Heaven” surprise reprieve!

  • Hannah

    ABC needs to give the Knights of Prosperity another chance. Heck, they never gave it a chance to begin with. A wonderful, unique, creative comedy and they put it up against Idol. If ABC can’t do better perhaps FOX could grab it up………It could become a great hit if only given the chance it needs to survive………..

  • Josh

    The only show on these two networks I have anything to worry about is Scrubs, and even then it looks like ABC will pick it up.

    I’m mainly interested to hear about NBC’s upfront to find out whether The Office will be expanded to an hour, and ABC’s to see where they air Private Practice. My guess is Mondays at 9.

  • Sam

    Private Practice was boring and stupid so I hope that doesn’t go anywhere. Half the shows getting cancelled I’ve never heard of and what’s this about 1 hour long Office episodes? Am I the only one who thinks that’d be a little too much Michael/Dwight each week.

  • Sam, I couldn’t agree more. An hour long OFFICE simply means more Michael and Dwight, which definitely isn’t a good thing.

  • I may be the only one still watching The Apprentice, but I like it…I Fear that An hour of “The Office” may stress the writers out & water the show down.

  • Kate

    About Studio 60 and the set dismantling, there’s been “word” of that for the last 5 months and then folks felt silly when shooting resumed. They did dismantle stage 28 because the rooftop set and Jordan’s office aren’t needed while Get Smart films. That’s neither here nor there. I really won’t process and absorb a demise until after next week should they proclaim it. If we hear nothing I’ll be a little stunned but to me that actually improves its situation.

    How much of the shortened season talk is based on a rumor and what’s wishful thinking? I have no doubt you’ve got taste and know what it deserves, I’m just trying to ascertain whether anyone else has the same good qualities.

  • Steve

    How sure is it that The Black Donnellys has gotten the axe? It’s one of the top shows downloaded on Itunes (amid competition with powerhouse shows that are still on the air) and the fan base is rabidly trying to save it. I mean, if worse comes to worse, are any other stations interested in it? NBC hardly gave it a chance anyway.