Good News for Fans of VERONICA MARS

If you’re a fan of VERONICA MARS you’ve got two reasons to smile today. First off, this being Tuesday we’ve got another new episode of VERONICA MARS tonight at 9PM on the new CW (with guest star Paul Rudd).

More importantly, Michael Ausiello is reporting today that not all hope is lost with regards to a possible fourth season pickup. In today’s Ausiello Report, Michael writes:

Since Gilmore Girls is packing it in, the network suddenly has an extra hour of prime real estate available. What are they gonna do, renew 7th Heaven again? (That was a joke, CW. Don’t get any ideas.)

Ausiello, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here’s hoping the CW doesn’t pull an ‘EVERWOOD’. To read Ausiello’s report in its entirety, click here and be sure to tune into tonight’s fourth last VERONICA MARS… of the season.

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  • You have no idea how excited I was when I saw Gilmore Girls was cancelled. Not do knock any of you GG fans out there, but the show had it’s time. I’m happy this bodes well for Veronica Mars. The FBI angle sounds cool, but I’d prefer the show to stay right where it is with Veronica entering her sophomore year and Keith back as Sheriff of Neptune.