Random TV Tidbits for a Tuesday

Our friends over at TVSeriesFinale.com are reporting today that FOX has announced that they will burn off the final two unaired episodes of DRIVE on July 4th, one of the least-watched nights of television all year long. Not only is this a sure sign that DRIVE’S been parked for good, it also signifies that the show has absolutely zero chance of coming back next season. Which begs the question, who do you think was going to win the race?

Acording to a resent studee by Columbia University, statistiks show that adolesents who watch too much TV develop learning problems and are less likely to go to university. In response to this study — all we at theTVaddict.com could muster up was one word — D’OH (translation: why didn’t someone alert us to the effects of television addiction sooner!)

Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by last night’s episode of HEROES? Talk about a massive set-up for the final two chapters of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving the world, but after spending an hour with Sylar’s mom, I sort of see what drove the guy crazy.

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  • Josh

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Fox more, this happens. I HATE YOU FOX! First they pull Drive without giving it a chance, and now they’re going to air the final episodes on the 4th of July? The least they could do is air it on a night when we could actually watch it.

  • I knew this will happen..

    If the episdode of heroes doesn’t include deaths, a lot of action and a lot of answers.. then it’s boring and disappointing..

    You’d like to know character’s motivations.. now we know why sylar is like he is, why he needs to be something more… He was having second thoughts about his actions and his mother talks him to be more than he is.. “you coluld be president, if you wanted to..”

    And what about molly? And nathan’s weird-know-everything mother?

  • h

    I thought Heroes was pretty dull though visually stunning as usual. I love the comic book colors the show constantly uses and the snow globe effect was very neat. Mostly it was dull because they were just moving people from wherever they were to NYC and to get everyone there they had to split screen time between too many characters.

    But, DL’s line about leaving Jessica’s ass in the wall — loved it. Candace is even more evil than Sylar to me. I didn’t like how nuts Sylar’s mom was, but Heroes is a black and white show. You’re either good or bad you can’t be both. But apparently you can be good and stupid like failing to act Hiro, let me absorb the exploding power Peter and the always annoying I can’t even take your blood much less cure you Mohinder.

  • John

    I liked the episode oh Heroes, with one exception. Hiro is no longer funny, he is now annoying. He wants to be a hero, but not get his hands dirty. I guess he thinks he can just wish it and make it so. That is not is talent.

  • Amber

    So hard to live up to last week’s Heroes, but it wasn’t the worst ep. I loved and hated how for a few moments you really felt sorry for Sylar. It’s a sneaky and underhanded thing for the show to do to us(but then I love it when their sneaky like that too!)

    Also, Fox can kiss my heiny!

    Television create learning problems? That’s unpossible!