VERONICA MARS: Sophie’s Choice

With his recent bit of VERONICA MARS scoop, TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello speculated that if MARS is to see a fourth season “there would likely be a major cast shake-up, with Bell the only guaranteed carryover.”

Which begs the obvious question: Which MARS cast member would you like to see Veronica bring with her to VERONICA MARS: FBI Edition (or is it MARS: The College Years II)?

Our pick for MARS version 2.0 is most definitely Mac. Since her first appearance way back in season one, the dynamic duo of Neptune High have put a smile on this TV Addict’s face whenever we’re lucky enough to see them in action together. Combine Mac’s brilliant mind and Mars’ sleuthing ways and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. That said, we’re also not averse to seeing Papa Mars drop by for the occasional guest stint (we at love Enrico Colantoni).

Post away with your pick for Veronica’s travel companion, should she be lucky enough to see a fourth season.

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  • Nicole

    Just one?! Argh. I say they shake it up and bring Duncan back.

  • Sophie

    Well, I found it funny that my name is Sophie and I am replying in the Sophie’s Choice post. Anyways, I think it would so funny if they brought back Duncan. He and Veronica could have found someway to get married and they could raise the baby together. Though, that wouldn’t be my first choice. I would have to agree with our resident addict and say Mac. I think they would make a great team, and she would be one of the easier characters to work in. She could be some sort of computer tech person that was Veronica’s partner. Who knows. I hope it comes back though!

  • Steph

    I love Mac too, but the show just wouldn’t be the same without the Logan/Veronica banter.

  • Sam

    I’m not sure I understand your fascination with Mac, tvaddict. She’s cute but that’s as far as it goes for me.

    I’d rather they keep Daddy Mars around, everyone else can go (unwillingly).

  • Amber

    I have to go with Wallace. Sure there’s the arguement that sleuthing wise he doesn’t really add much, but I love their banter and he’s just wonderful to watch. I didn’t include Papa Mars in the mix because he’s family and automatically should be counted in the carry over.

    Here’s the thing though, I -love- all the supporting cast! If tonights episode is anything to go by, they are just superb and wonderful across the board! Of course my head is still very spinny from all the guest appearences on it! I’m looking forward to your reaction tomorrow ;D

  • Josh

    I’m right there with you. Ever since she first appeared, Mac has been my favorite person on the show. Besides V.Mars herself, of course. I definitely want her to return next season, and I think it could work storyline-wise if they do go with the FBI version. Mac = awesomeness

  • LAN3

    I love Mac, but if love is all that matters, then it’s Trina Echolls for the win. (I kid– Tina Majorino is much more appealing.) But Keith Mars is the easy choice. It could be like “Karen Sisco” but aimed younger and more pro-law-enforcement.

    However, it’d be easier to flex the plot if she didn’t have to live near Neptune, CA, much as we love the town, so either she works a border town and Duncan keeps showing up, or we need something better. Mmm, Mac would be great, but either she works for the FBI, or else anything she can do the FBI can do better. Let’s go with Weevil as Veronica’s favorite informant. He doesn’t shine shows, but he can put the word on the street.

    However, there’s one character with him Veronica has some of the absolute best (if slightly antagonistic) chemistry when she’s solving mysteries, and that is of course the principle of her high school, Van Clemmons. Maybe he ran for Mayor of whatever SoCal burg on which the FBI sees fit to unleash Veronica– certainly he’s a law and order kinda guy. Unlikely, I know, but think about it. He’s practically the smartest of all the recurring characters, except maybe Weevil when he (W) is in the commission of a crime. He’s politically savvy (so far, at least), he can manipulate Veronica without her knowledge, and she does his dirty-work. I think the city would be frikken crime-free with the two of them on the job.

    If not him, then Cliff, for comic relief.

  • Brynhildur

    the father-daughter relationship is the core of the show!
    Daddy Mac can’t go! …atleast be a recurring character

    and I don’t want Mac to leave…. and I love Logan!

  • Tim

    I wouldn’t mind Mac, in sort of a “Marshall” from Alias kind of way in the new format.

  • Enidee

    This is frakking ridiculous. Yeah, let’s all do what VM does: we’re most likely cancelled so let’s make a new show that has nothing to do with the concept of our show, out of the old show… Get it, get it?? Whatever, I don’t even watch anymore.

  • First of all, no one said that the show would be moving its location to Washington, D.C. There are field offices of the FBI all over the country! Veronica could easily be working out of the San Diego FBI field office.

  • Thelma

    I know that I am supposed to name just one cast member but I hope/pray that the majority of the cast comes back for a fourth season. Is it realistic? Probably not but this is a tv show and anything can happen. So let’s have Daddy Mars, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Mac, and Dick (he can come by occasionally) back for next season.

  • Amanda

    Keith Mars, definitely. I love the dynamic between Keith and Veronica so much. Next up is a tie between Logan and Mac for me. Both characters are great. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for anything Veronica Mars next season, though. I’d rather not have it “time shift” but I’ll give it a fair shot.

  • Stacey

    How could you even have a show without ol’ Logan?!

    That’s the reason I even watched in the first place. I just don’t see a show without the whole ensemble. It’ll fail. Veronica can only go so far.

  • Elle

    Mac, the two of them working together is just perfect.
    BUT i CAN’T imagine the show WITHOUT LOGAN! Plus i don’t think daddy mars should go, or he should at least star every now and then.

  • Mg

    I won’t Logan to go with her………I LOVE LOGAN:)