Adrian Pasdar Spills on the HEROES Season Finale

TheTVaddict just got off the phone with HEROES stars Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Malcolm McDowell (Linderman) and Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli). While the actors couldn’t reveal too much about the season finale — having taken the Tim Kring oath of secrecy — they did reveal a few morsels of scoop that fellow HEROES addicts will no doubt find fascinating.

When asked about what fans can look forward to in the finale, Adrian Pasdar had this to say:

In the final few minutes of the finale, all the questions that were posed in the show’s pilot will be answered. In fact, everything gets resolved in a big way.

My character [Nathan] plays a huge part in the final scene. And let me say this, it’s mind-blowing, stunning the way everything comes together.

Season two will pick up at the very end of the finale and I don’t think anyone will guess where. Needless to say, it’s a very, very interesting place.

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  • Enidee

    Oh this is great!

    BTW, just to tell the tvaddict that he’s much much better, especially in the podcasts, than Ausiello (boring vodcasts if you ask me) 😀

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  • Erica

    But will Nathan live? Not Adrian. He might be back playing Sylar again for all we know. Does NATHAN come back?

  • Alyssa

    Sounds like Nathan is going to sacrifice himself to save NY. In Peter’s dream he MUST be running towards him because he’s going to fly Pete above the city and die himself. But I love Adrian. So, more of him please.

  • I don’t know what the angle of vision Tim Kring has, but gotta say that NATHAN will probably be back, ‘cos the whole future seeing thing through HERO is basically get to know the future so that they can go back and change it, right? In future, it has been shown that NATHAN died and SYLAR acting as NATHAN – US president. In the 21st episode it has been shown that SYLAR’s (or should i say Gabriel?) mom gave him the idea of becoming the president. So somebody has to stop SYLAR and if that really happens , that he can’t be the president.

    But after seeing SYLAR in the 21st episode, a whole new possibility comes up to my mind, maybe it’s weird, maybe it’s insane, i don’t know if Mr. Kring is thinking in this line at all or not, but what if SYLAR becomes truly repentant, as it has been shown here? What if SYALR is indeed the exploding man after he kills Ted and take his power? What if SYLAR becomes a good guy at the end? That would be a big twist everyone is looking for.

    Just a theory. We have to wait to see if something crazier is awaiting for us or not.

  • Garten

    I don’t think I have much interest in season 2 without Nathan in it. He’s such an interesting character and a great foil for other characters especially Peter and Hiro.

  • It’s TV. Even if Nathan happens to die, he can always “come back”. In flashbacks, as “Sylar”, regeneration (:)) or something else. The magic of TV!!! I can’t wait for Monday….

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  • Lauren

    can I find the entire interview anywhere? would love to hear what Rose and Mcdowell have to say

  • Carol

    I love the idea of Sylar redeeming himself, or it would be fabulous if they ALL confronted Sylar together and kicked his sorry ass!!!!

  • TVlvr

    I heard from a good source that Simone will be back. You know that her dad had more to do with the story since so much happens in his building. I’m sure they both have/had powers.

  • Simone comes back, with powers.