Live Blogging LOST (Episode 20, Season 3)

Tonight’s episode of LOST promises to be a doozy, as we finally get the long awaited ‘Ben’ flashback. Producers Cuse and Lindeloff even went as far as to tease EW with the sentence, “Illumination and answers… to be followed by even more questions and delighted bafflement.” Needless to say we at couldn’t be more excited for tonight and hope you can stop by for LIVE LOST BLOGGING at 10PM (est).

10:01PM: Are we seeing the birth of Ben?

10:01PM: “So why don’t you start at the beginning”… okay, this episode is definitely getting off on the right foot! Which reminds me, I hope Ben explains the giant foot!

10:12PM: Young Ben or Harry Potter? You decide

10:15PM: Umm… Ben… there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name rhymes with block.

10:18PM: I think I’ll be tuning into TRAVELER tomorrow… will you?

10:23PM: Does anyone else have a bad feeling we’ll meet Jacob just in time for the episode to be over?

10:29PM: “Kinda hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mom” and the father of the year award goes to….

10:34PM: “I think we’ve got some catching up to do….” what exactly is going on. Is Jack going to reveal what really happened to him while he stayed at Chez Other for a week?

10:39PM: Mysterious guy to Ben: “Are you LOST?” Umm.. yeah… hello… it’s the title of the show! I wonder if that’s Jacob?

10:47PM: Paging Sam and Dead Winchester, when exactly did LOST turn into SUPERNATURAL? Please, someone, explain to me what’s going on?

10:59PM: Okay seriously, I know I’ve said this before — but what the frak just happened? I’ll say one thing for LOST, it never fails to surprise.

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  • uh oh…. beer in the van…….. trouble for roger

  • eze

    Ben’s gonna kill him

  • Rhonda

    Why do Ben and his Dad look the same age?

  • evil

  • WOW

  • of course Locke can heal and should be okay…. but what an ending

  • Yeah, here’s hoping the island’s powers heal Locke really really quickly!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone and super thanks for commenting!

  • Rhonda

    So THAT”S why they had to keep pushing that button, so Dharma doesn’t realize what happened!!!!

  • Tim

    This episode was completely weird. I haven’t even formed one coherent thought about it.

  • Aaron

    so who else is thinking locke is going to kill the heck out of ben in the final moments of the season? i have been liking ben but after what he did to locke tonight, it’s about time for him to go.

    i like a few of the others and would like to see some survivors. especially tom. but they seem to prefer killing newer characters to old ones so i think most of the people introduced this season are toast.

  • Common Sense

    So….anyone ready for this ride to end after only 48 more eps?? The sheer brilliance of LOST is astounding. Personally, I don’t want it to ever end…the mysteries themselves are endless, and there is nothing—now or in the past—else on TV like it. You have to feel sorry for those who are too lazy or ignorant to watch it.

  • Chris

    TVAddict, not sure anyone mentioned this, “mysterious guy” that kid Ben ran into in the woods was Richard Alpert…or at least someone who looked like him. Odd that he seems to be the same age now as he was when Ben was a litle kid. Maybe because he was actually born on the island?

  • This episode blew my mind! I for one belive that Locke will survive…. He’s survived worse. A gunshot to the stomach? Ha! Gimme a bandaid and some asprin….

  • andeem

    If John Locke is dead , I’m gone.
    It’s beginning to look like they kill characters when they can’t explain their oddities. Locke gave the fans hope, now, not so much. 🙁

  • tombob

    hey guys just watched this episode, yea i picked up on the fact that richard seems to look in mid 30s when ben was about 11 and still looks the same age now. And how is it that hes now taking orders from ben? My theory on what the hell is going on changed after i saw that episode, i thought that may be part of the island is in the living world, and the other part is kind of purgatory and that the sound barrier was the cross over point especially with lockes dad turning up, so that Jack and co were dead but could cross over to the compound and would be able to be seen and heard by the others. The whole death theory is to simply for these writers. I definitely think that penny’s dad has something to do with it, i think the plan wreckage that was found was obviously staged so that no one would be looking for them. But it almost seems like every person on flight 815 was hand picked to be there?

  • tombob

    oh yeah another thing, jack is my favourite character but ive noticed that as soon as he made that deal with the others we havent seen any episodes focused on him. Has anyone else noticed hes stopped being so demanding for answers its like he knows whats going on, his knew alliance with juliet is not surprsing because by the looks of it she wants off the island too. Theres no way he would turn on kate sawyer said and co because hes there leader. I luv the way that the writers painted the others as bad guys originally but have now shown they afterall human and caring. Cindy and the kids that were taken in season 2 are now fully integrated into the others. Definitely think Jacob part of the black smoke but theres loads of stuff that seems to have been dropped like all the weird statues, where the hell are michael and walt, what is shielding the island from normal sight, and how the hell did the hostiles come to be there?? Would really like your views guys!! my brain cant decipher all this.