2007 May UpFront Rumour Roundup

Next week in New York, the ‘big five’ (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and the CW) will announce their Fall ’07 television lineups to advertisers. From May 14 -18, network presidents will pull out all the stops (including a song-and-dance number by UGLY BETTY’s Marc, Amanda and Justin) to impress Madison Ave. with a slate of new shows guaranteed to save television from the evils of the internet, xbox and you know, the outside world.

With that in mind, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d share some of the rumors that have floated across our desk up here in TV Addict Central (think: the Batcave).

THE CW is incredibly high on Josh Schwartz’s (THE OC) latest project GOSSIP GIRL. So much so that we’d be shocked if it didn’t make the fall schedule with a possible time-slot being Tuesday at 8PM. (Hmmm, I wonder what other female-centric show the CW could pair GOSSIP GIRL with?)

In spite of the mixed reaction, ABC still has high hopes for Shonda Rhimes untitled GREY’S spin-off. Expect Addison to show up on the alphabet’s fall schedule, with possible air dates including Sunday and Monday nights.

NBC, the network in need of the most serious overhaul is hoping the BIONIC WOMAN flexes some ratings muscle. Execs feel that the re-imagination of the 70’s action drama may be the ideal companion for their freshman break-out hit HEROES.

FOX has already committed thirteen episodes to the Kelsey Grammer/ Patricia Heaton comedy BACK TO YOU (formerly ACTION NEWS) and is looking positively towards their own big-budget action vehicle the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. CHRONICLES stars Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker (Zach from HEROES) and follows the two as the kick-butt mother must protect her 15-year old son John Conner from internet speculation that he may be gay, who may be humanity’s last hope for survival.

Finally there’s CBS, the network with the least holes in its schedule. Expect Jimmy Smits to make a return to television with LOS DUQUES — the tale of a multi-generational Latin American family in the rum business — thus ending our dreams of seeing THE WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION

More UpFront News and Rumours to come… stay tuned.

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  • I’m hearing NBC LOVES Journeyman in the 10pm slot after Heroes….. Journeyman feels a lot like Quantum Leap and stars Kevin mcKidd ( aka lucious vorenus from Rome)….. and they have a “love” twist tossed into the story….. show probably has the best new buzz at NBC right now……

  • cam3150

    So, any word on Rashida Jones’ (Karen from The Office) new show The Rules for Starting Over? We’ve got to get Karen out of Scranton and away from Jim!!!

  • mohammad

    the addison spinoff has a name lmao.
    private practice.

  • mohammad – my understanding was that PRIVATE PRACTICE is just a ‘working title’, which I hope is the case, as I’m not a fan of the title at all.

    cam3150 – word on the ‘street’ is that THE RULES FOR STARTING OVER hasn’t tested that well. Which of course means we may not have seen the last of Karen!