FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Gets a Second Season!

Gimme’ a ‘D’… Gimme’ an ‘I’… Gimme’ a ‘L’…. Why the cheer you ask? Well if we’re to believe Kristin over at E!Online, the Dillon Panthers, and fans of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS have plenty to cheer about.

Kristin is reporting that NBC has given FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS a full twenty-two episode second season order. To quote Kristin:

Well, flip my biscuit and color me giddy (that’s Texas talk!) ’cause sources tell me the official word of FNL’s pickup came down today, and the cast is getting ready to fly out to New York City to attend NBC’s upfront presentation.

Gimme’ a ‘K’… Gimme’ a ‘E’… Gimme’ a ‘V’… Gimme’ a ‘I’… Gimme’ a ‘N’… What does that spell… NBC President Kevin Reilly. Thanks for bringing back one of the best new dramas of the season.

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  • Julien


    I was wondering when the news (bad or good) will hit the net

  • Liz

    woot woot! That’s great news. FNL is officially my favorite show.

  • so is everyone just glad it’s back or will there be some sorrow mixed in with the joy if when NBC moves it to Friday Nights…. I love it on Wed….!!!!!

  • Monkey

    Seat – I’ll be ok when ever its on! Heck, I would drop another show for this one! And thats saying something!

  • becky

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome news!

  • WOOO!! I am so excited about this. I did a little victory dance in my chair when I read the news. 22 episodes is fantastic!

  • Lee

    Sweet! This is such a great show, I cant wait for the S01 DVD’s!

  • Marcy


  • mg714

    Wherever they put the show, I’m there – and I’m so excited that it got a full season pick up! Happy day indeed!

  • Brynhildur

    Oh thank god!

    I just got hooked on the show 2 weeks ago and watched them all in a couple of days

    I would have been so uppset if it had been cancelled!

  • Wahoo!!!!

  • … finally. a smart move by NBC. i love this show; and it’s definitely deserving of a renewal. never have i encountered a show that gives me a great episode week after week. i love FNL!

  • Pranalight

    Unfreakin’ believable. So happy I could cry. The absolutely best show abd acting on TV. Everyone should see the Pilot and get hooked. Thank you NBC!!! You’re brilliant!