Kate Walsh Discovers the Fate of her Show

Next weeks UpFront announcements just got a little less suspensful, and for that you can thank Ellen Degeneres. In an effort to help out anxious star Kate Walsh, Ellen decided to take it upon herself to call ABC President Steve McPherson [during the show] and find out whether or not Walsh’s GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off has a shot at being picked up for next season. Check out the video above for the President’s answer. Needless to say, it should come as a surprise to no one.

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  • Reason #4,234,261 I love Ellen. God, I wish I had time to watch her. But I’m afraid that if I plug one more show into my DVR, it will either explode or go on strike.

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  • tralfaz, I’ve lost count of the reasons why I love her. I try and watch her every afternoon if I can. Good to see she’s feeling better finally after her back injury!

  • While I do love ELLEN, I don’t watch the show, because frankly, her dancing gets on my nerves.

  • Josh

    I love Ellen! But I always forget when the show is on cause locally they just moved it to 4pm this season.

  • Matt P

    thanks for posting that and quite funny to see..

  • Linda B.

    Personally i think Ellen is becoming overexposed. She seems to be hosting everything. i was not all that impressed w/ her Oscar stint. Didn’t think the monologue was all that funny. Anyway, i used to like watching her show, but now i’m getting tired of her.