The Next IDOL?

Seeing as AMERICAN IDOL is far-and-away the highest rated show on television, it was inevitable that the producers would attempt to expand their empire. So expect to see a show which mirrors many aspects of IDOL but focuses on propelling a band into the limelight as opposed to a single performer. Producers stress that this will, in fact, be its own animal, and will not – according to Variety – include crossovers from Simon Cowell or Ryan Seacrest. It will, however, reportedly continue one of IDOL’s most ludicrous aspects by having the bands compete in a variety of styles. Why not just call it AMERICAN WEDDING SINGER, since few radio-ready bands are asked to venture beyond the type of music with which they make their name. Can you see Green Day performing ABBA’s Dancing Queen? Then again, this might lead to some interesting renditions. In any case, the show will differ from the mothership in one important way: It will follow the personal lives of the various competitors. Frankly, we’ve always been amazed that IDOL hasn’t expanded the franchise by throwing contestants into a BIG BROTHER-like house and letting the public get a voyeuristic thrill by watching their daily lives. Then again, given the incredibly dull personas who remain in the running for the title, perhaps AMERICAN PAINT DRYING would be more interesting.

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  • Frank

    great minds think alike. Ive had the same idea for the Big Brother Idol show. But i figured since the contestants have such a strict schedule of pratice and press gigs they wouldnt have much time to hang out and be intresting.

    BUT what fox needs to do is take the cameras on the Idol Summer tour and follow the contestatns as they travel around the country. This could air during the summer after the idol season so that the contestants already have a popular fanbase.

    I know during those long bus trips around the country there has to be some Idol drama.

    I smell a hit summer series for Fox.

  • The Big Brother Idol show has already been done in Spain. It is called OperaciĆ³n Triunfo (Operation: Triumph. I’m afraid this is not very good English..), it was very succesful in its first season, five years ago, but is a very dull show. It has the worst things of Big Brother and the worst of American Idol. Awful.

  • Jenny

    Australian Idol does something like that… They live in a house together and they have a 3rd show per week called Inside Idol. It isn’t like Big Brother per se, but shows footage of them in the house some (not a ton of that) and a lot of footage out and about meeting fans, going to events, etc.

  • Firebird

    Jenny, yeah doesn’t Canadian Idol have something similar also?

  • Common Sense

    Let’s just hope that overexposure KILLS this insipid “golden calf.”

    More than likely, tho, the mindless public will follow along, like the Pied Piper.