THE OFFICE: Best Episode of the Season

Following in Pam’s footsteps, I’d like to be honest for a second. I haven’t enjoyed this season of THE OFFICE nearly as much as last season. On the whole, I’ve found season three uneven, frustrating (how long are the writers going to stretch out Pam and Jim’s will-they-or-won’t-they?) and thanks to some over-the-top Michael Scott antics (a fake suicide attempt comes to mind) often not that funny.

That said, tonight’s installment of THE OFFICE was quite possibly the best episode of the season. Michael was ‘Michael’ — but not in that cringe-worthy overbearing way. Each member of the office was given their own moment to shine (Creed never ceases to amaze!). And most importantly, Pam finally had something interesting to say, after spending almost an entire season quietly moping behind her desk.

So let’s talk about Pam Beesly shall we. Who knew everybody’s favourite receptionist had it in her. Not only did she successfully manage to walk over a bed of hot coals, she finally revealed to Jim what fans, and most likely the entire office has known all along.

“I really miss you. I shouldn’t have been with Roy… and there were a lot of reasons to call of my wedding, but the truth is… I didn’t really care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you’re with someone else. And that’s fine… it’s whatever…”

When you really think about it, it’s really quite remarkable what the creative team of THE OFFICE managed to accomplish this season. The writers did what so few sitcoms are successfully able to do — stretch out their central relationship, in this case, ‘the Jim & Pam question’ for almost an entire year.

Yet with the season coming to a close next week, it’s definitely time to start inching towards the resolution fans have been clamoring for all season long and this week’s Pam blowup was the perfect way to get the ball rolling.

I imagine next week, when Karen, Jim and Michael travel to New York to interview for the job at Corporate — Karen will get the job, leaving Jim free to pursue Pam. Of course what’s a season finale of THE OFFICE without a cliffhanger that leaves us talking all summer long? I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that the cliffhanger won’t have anything to do with Jim and Pam (really, what more can they go through?). Next weeks final moments will revolve around Dunder Mifflin’s other couple — Dwight and Angela. What do you think’s going to happen next week? Post away with your theories.

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  • becky

    I think Dwight it going to propose to Angela, but she won’t say yes or something cliffhangerish. I totally agree with you about the Pam and Jim thing and how the writers annoyingly stretched out their relationship this whole season. Also how Michael’s crazy antics this season have mostly been completely over the top for most episodes this season. Hopefully next seaosn they’ll tone it down like tonight’s episode was. I loved tonight’s episode, it was awesome. I hope your theory is right about Jim, Karen, and Pam about Karen hopefully getting that job at corporate and jam finally getting together. this show rocks!

  • Jeff

    I disagree with your take on this season (even though Micheal has been too over the top much of the season) but agree that this was the best episode of the year. One scene that stood out as probably the funniest all year was Creed reaching the lake to catch a fish. Those are the kind of moments that make the show. I couldn’t quit laughing. What other show could have such hilarity right along with that heartbreaking scene with Pam. I like the Karen character and think she and Jim make a cute couple, but c’mon, how could you not love that woman. Although nothing was as sad as Toby alone in the office in his sandals and hat. Also loved the Almost Famous moment on the bus.

  • I have to respectfully disagree: I think this season has – after a rough couple episodes at the start – turned into a stellar one. There have been SO many highlights and laugh-out-loud moments. As for last night… wow. I was SO happy to see Pam finally stand up to everyone. And the Survivor parody was dead on… right down to the way people were sitting in the trees or by the lake during their “confessionals” to the camera. I would have loved to see more Meredith, who I think may be one of the few underused characters on the show. But when Oscar said that he was thining of switching to women and that ANGELA, of all people, thought he could crossover, I nearly choked on my themed dinner: Hot dogs dumped in water.

  • cam3150

    I am still giddy over Pam’s speech last night, which initially had me shaking and near tears. She has grown so much and this season has really been more about that and about her finally coming to a place where she can tell Jim how she feels.

    I love that she called him (and everyone really) out on not coming to her art show. I love that didn’t declare her undying love to Jim but that she let him know how she felt and also empasized that she just plain missed him and their friendship. I love that it wasn’t a “Pick me” speech and that it wasn’t and “all or nothing” speech like Jim’s was last year. I love Jim’s face of complete and utter speechless shock.

    My unspoiled spec (wish) on what will happen: Jim will get offered the job but after thinking about it, he will decide that he wants to stay in Scranton to try and reconnect with Pam. He will turn the job down and Karen will be 2nd choice. Not sure if they will actually break up or not before the season ends. But, Karen will be going to New York and the final shot of the Jim/Pam part of the show will be Jim walking in to the office and sitting down at his old desk. He will turn to face Pam and they will share a meaningful smile. I would be totally happy with an ending like that. I don’t think Jim is going to all of the sudden run into Pam’s arms and they’ll be sunshine and roses forever and ever. It will take a while to build back up their friendship and get back to a place where they can think about moving the relationship further.

  • tralfaz, thanks for your comment.

    I’d like to clarify two things.

    1) I LOVED last night’s episode. So many hilarious moments, with my personal favourite being when Michael told Stanley to get to the back…. oh wait, the front fo the bus.

    2) I’ve still enjoyed this season of THE OFFICE. At its worst, it’s still one of the funniest shows on TV. I just think that the show is uneven, with each episode often containing one hilarious plot and a few not so funny moments.

  • Josh

    Although I think pretty much every episode has been great, I’d agree that this was the best yet. It was hilarious. Michael telling Stanley to go to the back of the bus, Andy floating out into the water, and best of all, Pam finally saying how she felt. I loved that she also got on them for not coming to her art show.

  • Common Sense

    Hey, last night was funny, fo sho. But the previous week’s “supersized” edition, with Phyllis being flashed, was fall-off-your-chair hysterical.

    I have absolutely no complaints about The Office. It is NBC’s crown-jewel, as far as I’m concerned. Actually, it’s the ONLY show on NBC that I ever make it a “point” to tune in for. And I’m right in the middle of their target money-demo.

    Note to LOST and ABC…you see, NBC is giving us 8 more episodes than you, and 4 expanded episodes. That is “forward” thinking. Cutting your order of a hit demo-show to a barely half-season of 16 episodes (no matter “how” you air them) is just moronic.

  • Off to iTunes I go. This is the one episode of the season my TiVo didn’t record. *sigh*

  • Tom

    thursday’s episode was great

    the cliffhanger is going to have do with michael and jan, i suspect jan will be pregnant

  • Nicole

    I agree with Cam1350! But I think it would be better if they just show Jim being offered the job, and that ends the season… leaving us to ASSUME that he declines and it is given to Karen.

  • Meg

    I totally agree with everything you said. Drawing out the jim/pam thing is fine for the few folks who live and breathe the office (those people who spend all day on the NBC message boards and harrass any “noobz” with a post count lower than 250), but for those of us who are just casual viewers, it’s just annoying.

  • Vee

    If you’re just a “casual veiwer” who finds what actual fans of the show really think of it why are you on the message boards?