UpFront Rumour: SCRUBS To Be Renewed

The TV Gods are certainly smiling down on us today. First a second season for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, then even more episodes of THE OFFICE and now, if we’re to believe TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello, a final season, albeit a shortened eighteen episode order for SCRUBS. Throw in the cancellation of TWO AND A HALF MEN, the renewal of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and an EVERWOOD reunion movie (notice I’ve moved on from demanding the show be brought back as a regular series!) and we at theTVaddict.com will be set for life.

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  • becky

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am excited times a billion!

  • becky

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am excited times a billion!

  • i want everwood back too….

  • Jay

    Yay!! I haven’t really watched Scrubs bcuz of Supernatural but I’m so glad it’s coming back (I do collect the DVD’s) And I would love Everwood back!!

  • Common Sense

    Can you imagine the damage-control and good will The CW could gain with a planned Everwood reunion movie? In fact, what’s wrong with following up on the “Spike” flick or other popular franchises from WB/UPN past? Create buzz, bring back old/new viewers, please your fans.

    Oh, how they blew it last year w/ EW. Think Ostroff is still gleefully trying to explain about that “new family direction” with Runaway and the Camdens? Let’s hope someone else is calling the final shots this coming week.

  • patrick

    I figured the news of Zach Braff host the season finale of SNL was the annousment of Scrubs renewal.