ABC’s Fall Schedule: CAVEMEN and CARPOOLERS and BIG SHOTS… Oh My!

Commercial television takes on a whole new meaning this fall now that ABC is set to turn the modern cave dwellers who shot to fame in a series of Geiko commercials into the stars of their own sitcom. Hoping that what’s funny in 30-second spots will be uproarious in half-hour installments (and we have our doubts), the alphabet network is expected to announce this week that CAVEMEN will be given a slot on the schedule this fall. According to Variety, the culture comedy was one of 10 pilots picked up for the fall season. Among the others: DIRTY SEXY MONEY, starring SIX FEET UNDER alum Peter Krause as an attorney catering to the whims of a wealthy Manhattan clan; ELI STONE, in which visions propel a lawyer to take extraordinary actions; CASHMERE MAFIA, described as “the thinking woman’s SEX & THE CITY”; WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB, the pretty much self-explanatory series based on James Patterson’s best-selling mystery series; BIG SHOTS, which sounds like a male, office-bound version of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES; and PRIVATE PRACTICE, aka the GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off.

In the comedy category, ABC will bring us not only CAVEMEN, but two shows we’re ready, sight-unseen, to put in the running for an early demise: Christina Applegate’s SAM I AM (in which her character suffers from amnesia) and CARPOOLERS, in which a group of men with the unlikely names Gracen, Laird, Aubrey and Dougie – whatever happened to names like Robert and John? – obsess over their life while driving to work.

ABC has also announced that mid-season “hits” (their word, not ours) OCTOBER ROAD and NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY will return this fall.

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  • I’ll wait to see the pilot to pass final judgment on “Cavemen” but it sure smells of we need comedies so why not…. still don’t understand though if you are going to basically expand the commercials into a series why not hire the guys from the commercials… why recast their parts….????

  • Josh

    Private Practice is the only new ABC show I have much interest in. None of the others sound all that appealing to me.

    On the other hand, most of the shows I’ve heard NBC is picking up sound like they could be good ones.

  • Josh

    There is one other new show that you didn’t mention, Pushing Daisies. That actually sounds like it could turn out really well.

  • CC

    I TIVOed October Road to watch when nothing else was on during summer. I started the pilot today and watched the entire first five eps that aired. I’m hooked! You guys should give it a try. It’s cute and sincere and has likeable characters. It’s in a small town so it’s kind of Gilmore esq town wise. I don’t know, I was surprised how much I liked it. Glad to here it’s returning!