Can Myspace Save SUPERNATURAL?

With the fate of the CW’s spookfest SUPERNATURAL still unknown, some people are getting a little nervous. And while we’re fairly certain fans can rest easy, at least one of Myspace’s most popular bloggers has decided to do what she can to assure the show gets a second season. This weekend, “Nina”, a Myspace blogger who just might watch even more television than we do – if that’s even possible – posted a missive asking that her readers bombard the CW with e-mail messages she hope will save the show. The note she suggests they place in the subject line? “Bring back SUPERNATURAL… Because Nina Says So!” Seeing as the creepshow has proven incredibly popular among our readers, we thought it couldn’t hurt to throw our support behind her efforts! So swing by Nina’s BLOG for details (not to mention a good read) and let’s join her in saving one of our favorite shows!

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  • Jillian

    Thanks for the tip. I certainly don’t mind telling people how much I like Supernatural. 🙂

  • Chen-san

    Isn’t the show supposed to get a third season? Because you wrote: “[…]has decided to do what she can to assure the show gets a second season […]”

  • Brandy

    It can never hurt to remind the CW how much we love Supernatural! I knew there was a reson i kept coming back to your website! 😀

  • Why, thank you TVaddict! Anything to save one of the few smartly written shows on television.

  • liz


  • Josh

    I still don’t understand why this show is even on the bubble. It’s getting over 3 million viewers a week airing against Grey’s and CSI, it’s the perfect show to pair with Smallville, it had a dedicated fanbase…what more do they want?

    I’ve been falling behind on my SPN viewing, but I still think it’s a great show.

  • Now I know why all those people hate those Firefly “Browncoats.”


  • Common Sense

    Ditto what Josh said (except for the falling behind part). If CW ditches this show, and there’s actually talk about bringing back Veronica, I’m truly living in Bizarro World.

  • Josh

    Hey! I can’t agree with you there. I prefer Veronica over Supernatural. I can understand why the network would renew SPN first since it is doing a lot better, but I’d like to see both shows brought back.

  • Veronica Mars is a smartly written and wonderfully acted piece of television. Supernatural is a lame rip-off of The X-Files mixed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring guys that have all the depth of Abercrombie and Fitch models.

    No contest.

  • Well I love Nina so I must support this cause….. I hope you save the show……. My hubby likes as well…. Much love to you for your help

  • Josh

    I think you’re incredibly wrong there. Whether you like the show or not, Jensen and Jared are definitely not bad actors. They do a great job on the show.

  • ewanspotter

    Well, that’s a TERRIBLE idea. Supernatural is fine. The last thing we need are people bugging the CW over it (as well as bugging critics/newspapers/magazines, etc). If you want to write a personal message, fine, but don’t send them hundreds of duplicate emails (or duplicate subject lines). Not only will they NOT read them, they’ll get annoyed.

    A stunt like that already ticked off Matt Roush earlier in the year and got a “Okay, we get it. STOP!” from Entertainment Weekly. Bad publicity from people like that, no matter if we like or dislike him, is negative for the show. “Nina” just seems to want attention.

    Oh, and Tim? How many episodes of Supernatural have you watched again? Zero? Five minutes? (And clearly you weren’t a fan of Buffy or The X-Files because you don’t know them at all either.) I’d be offended by your insinuation that the actors have the “depth of Abercrombie and Fitch models,” but clearly your ignorance is too astounding for words.

    Although I don’t watch Veronica, I have enough respect and knowledge of the show to agree with you that it’s a good program that deserves to go on. But don’t knock Supernatural because you’re angry that VM might not come back. They both deserve to come back.

  • Thelma

    Emails are fast and everything but I think that postcards are the way to go. There is no envelope to open and the network people can read it really quick. Plus they will realize that fans care about Supernatural enough to send a postcard.
    I just hope that both Supernatural AND Veronica Mars is renewed for the 2007-2008 television season by the CW!

  • Jay

    Supernatual!!! Here! Here!!

  • Jay

    I meant SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has 2 come back!! We love you T.V. addict 4 your support!!

  • I actually tried watching Supernatural, ewan. I believe I watched the first 6 episodes of season 1.

  • Nina is on to something… it might annoy the people at the CW Mr.EWANSPOTTER, but they will see how much people love the show! Yay!

  • Josh

    I sent a single, non-duplicate email to the CW about both Veronica and Supernatural. I don’t like those ones where they want you to flood the offices with emails and letters that all say the same thing.

  • shanna

    I wish I was still on the Supernatural bandwagon but it’s in such a bad timeslot for me. Hopefully summer re-runs will catch me up.

  • Tim G., you hate Supernatural. You love Veronica Mars. We get it.

  • The problem with the “campaign” is the timing. I mean, the decision had to already have been made by the time this started.

    I don’t think you can compare Matt Roush to the network. Two totally different entities.

  • I think the most effective means of getting a network/exec/show, etc. is to hand write letters like in the days of yore. As a culture, we are lazy. If we actually take the time to handwrite a letter, get off our ass and mail it in, we must feel passionate about what we are defending.

    I hope they save Supernatural. Jensen is a great actor, and I am from the Nina crew 🙂

  • I love the show supernatural, sometimes i can’t wait until thuraday night when it come on.
    its the best show on tv right now. both the actor are very sexy and make me wish i was ten years younger. please don’t take the show off. Im looking forward to next season.

  • grace pettigrew

    i love supernatural its the best show on tv i really want to see another seriestis my favorite show both the boys are excellent actors and hot as ever

  • grace

    SAVE SUPERNATURAl best show ever

  • grace

    SAVE SUPERNATURAL best show ever both the boys are excellent actors and hot as ever