FOX Gives Old Favorites New Shows

This fall, if you’re looking for a FRASIER fix or your weekly dose of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, FOX just may be the network for you. As the network prepares for next week’s upfronts, various sources confirmed that BACK TO YOU – a Broadcast News-like peek behind the scenes of a local TV newscast starring Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton – has made the cut. Heaton’s fellow RAYMOND alum, Brad Garrett will also be back now that ‘TIL DEATH has been renewed for a second season based almost entirely on the fact that it’s done well in the post-IDOL slot. (Are they really clueless to the fact that they could run reruns of MY MOTHER THE CAR in that slot and win the night?)

FOX also seems to be interested in attracting those looking for programming from the offbeat side of the street, having picked up NEW AMSTERDAM (centered on a 400-year old New York City cop solving crimes and looking for the true love who can make him mortal) and THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (based on the TERMINATOR flicks, with 300 star Lena Headey stepping into the role created by Linda Hamilton and Thomas Dekker – aka the “he-was-gay-now-he’s-straight” Zach – as her son, John).

One of the more interesting – and potentially controversial – shows on the FOX line-up is K-VILLE, a police-drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans. You almost have to at least check out a show which features Tawny Cypress (HEROES’ Simone) as Ginger “Love Tap” LeBeau.

And of course, GILMORE GIRLS fans will be anxious to check out Parker Posey in Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new series, THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES. Finally, in the “blink and you just might miss it” category, the network offers up RULES FOR STARTING OVER, a sitcom from the Farrelly brothers which promises to prove that folks over 30 can, in fact, still get dates. Just not good ones.

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