Despite rampant speculation that SCRUBS was deader than the proverbial doornail, various outlets are reporting that the series has been renewed and will return this fall. As if that weren’t enough to make us happy, among the shows which will join the lineup come September (or October or whenever the heck the network decides to launch its new offerings) is an odd little show called CHUCK which brings Zachary Levi – aka LESS THAN PERFECT’s Kipp Steadman – back to the small screen as a computer whiz-turned-super-spy.

In other NBC news, the net is hoping for SEX & THE CITY-like success with LIPSTICK JUNGLE, based on the novel by SEX scribe Candace Bushnell. The dramedy stars Brooke Shields as a New York based movie exec (who apparently doesn’t realize that all the movers and shakers in the biz are based in Hollywood) and Kim Raver (aka Jack Bauer’s beleagured girlfriend, Audrey, on 24) as the head of a fashion magazine with her eye on a CEO position.

Also ordered to series were such diverse programs as JOURNEYMAN (think a soapy QUANTUM LEAP), the cleverly titled but we suspect short lived I.T. CROWD (centered on the guys you call to fix your computer) and LIFE (a police drama which might best be described as TOUCHED BY A COP… if that didn’t sound dirty).

Conspicuously missing from talk of SCRUBS renewal and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ last-minute save? Any mention of STUDIO 60, which we think it is now safe to assume is as dead as the glory days of its inspiration, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

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  • lynn

    NBC is retarded. I love FNL (as I call it or Friday Night Lights) but I can’t understand why a network with such a quality frigin show doesn’t support their own??!!! I just saw that it’s literally ON Friday night starting this Fall. Not the best move I could ask for, but I’ll adjust I suppose. It seems to me they make you feel stupid for liking their series – ??? Bizarre. It’s like one of the best shows they have and I gotta feel lucky they’re letting them have another season. This is why I stopped watching TV in the first place. These executives need to get hip already.