theTVaddict Reports: NBC UpFronts

In general, theTVaddict tries to maintain a certain level of professionalism in his posts, an air of sophistication if you will. But having just returned from the 2007 NBC UpFront presentation, I’m going to take this moment to ignore my journalistic side and simply gush!

WOW… NBC sure knows how to put on a show. From meeting the cast of HEROES to scoring some truly delicious shots of the NEXT JENNIFER GARNER — BIONIC WOMAN star Michelle Ryan (remember you heard it here first) — this afternoon was truly an event theTVaddict won’t soon forget.

Be sure to check back later tonight for theTVaddict’s full 2007 NBC UpFront Report, including some fantastic exclusive photos.

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  • tdot

    I cant wait for BIONIC WOMAN and Lipstick Jungle!

  • When do the ABC CBS CW and FOX Upfront’s come out?

  • The Bionic Woman got ordered? Seriously?

  • I wouldn’t say Bionic Woman’s Michelle Ryan is the next Jennifer Garner – I’d call her the next Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • ABC is tomorrow, CBS Wed and Fox and CW on Thursday…

  • JennyC

    Bionic Woman looks to be a great series. Did the trailer peeked anyone’s interest in the show?

  • Common Sense

    Can we all just give NBC some major kudos for recognizing the cult-favorite show they have, HEROES…and “expanding” upon it, with a Heroes: Origins series?? That’s pure genius. And sadly, that’s the exact opposite of ABC, who prefers to give the legion of thirsty LOST fans barely a frakkin’ half-season of the best show in TV history…for the next three years. Talk about missed opportunities!!!!!!!

    Guess their great minds preferred to work on developing that Caveman commercial into a embarrassment of a series.


  • CS, I agree. NBC deserves kudos. Sticking with FNL, 30 ROCK when their ratings don’t support a second seasion. Giving us HEROES: Origins… brilliant. Their new series all look very compelling (more on that later).

    My only worry… all this super-sizing. Will it hurt the quality of the shows? Tim Kring can only do so much, between the show, the comic, webisodes, podcasts, origins….. here’s hoping he isn’t stretched too thin. (unless of course that is actually his super power!)

  • Matt P

    interested in seeing the pictures that you will post.