theTVaddict Scoops NBC’s Fall Schedule

In an effort to help you plan your TiVo scheduling early, theTVaddict thought he’d pass along this little bit of scoop that just found its way into his mailbox. Below is the fall schedule NBC is expected to announce this afternoon. New shows are in BOLD.

8-9 pm Deal or No Deal
9-10 pm Heroes

8-9 pm The Biggest Loser
9-10 pm CHUCK
10-11 pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8-9 pm Deal or No Deal
10-11 pm LIFE

8-8:30 pm My Name Is Earl
8:30-9 pm 30 Rock
9-9:30 pm The Office
9:30-10 pm Scrubs
10-11 pm ER

8-9 pm 1 vs 100/THE SINGING BEE
9-10 pm Las Vegas
10-11 pm Friday Night Lights

8-9 pm Dateline NBC
9-11 pm Drama Series Encores

SUNDAY (Fall 2007)
7-8 pm Football Night in America
8-11 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (January 2008)
7-8 pm Dateline NBC
8-9 pm Law & Order
9-10 pm Medium

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  • Dominique

    Wow, I am still happy that FNL was picked up but FRIDAY AT 10pm? This is bad… They really want to kill the show? I will enjoy it while it last!

  • Tim

    Wow, lets all have a moment of silence for FNL. It has just received it’s death sentence.

  • Dominique… think positive. NBC wil definitely be putting their marketing muscle behind FNL’s second season – as they hope to re-introduce it to America.

    I’m betting that in season two, America will realize what we’ve known all along… FNL is one of the best shows on television bar none.

  • mg714

    Agree that FNL is one of the best if not THE best show on TV now. I am concerned about how it will fare at such a late timeslot on Fridays, but I hope they can at least maintain their audience from this season. I’m just happy that it got a 22 episode pick-up. I think it would be great on Sundays, except that NFL football has to take up that spot in the Fall. I would love to see FNL win the Emmy this year so more people will go looking for this wonderful show.

    I’m also glad that The Office (also one of the best, and tied with FNL for THE best show on TV) will have a few more episodes next season, with more hourlong episodes, too. I hope it also can maintain its audience, especially assuming that Grey’s Anatomy is staying in the same timeslot.

    Finally – so glad to see Scrubs in the NBC lineup for its final season. Although it’s too bad it won’t get a full season, at least they’ll get to finish up on the same network. I wasn’t too crazy about it being moved to ABC, but at least it would have stayed on the air either way.

  • Linda B.

    The one thing i don’t like about the schedule is Medium moving to Sundays. This is the second time they have moved it. It debuted on Mondays and stayed there a while, then they switched it to Wednesdays and i got used to that, now it’s on Sundays. At least it’s no longer against Lost, but now it’s against Desperate Housewives (which has gotten lame) and BSG when that returns (or is that on an hour later, i’ve forgotten already). Don’t have to worry about it being against Sopranos since that’s over in a couple of weeks. Wow, what a death last night!

  • UGH! I can’t believe they’re going to put FNL – their best show – in that death slot. And after Las Vegas, no less, which is among the worst possible lead-ins ever. Are they TRYING to kill it? At least if it came after 1 vs 100 or Deal or No Deal it might maybe, maybe have a chance. But that’s a sucky-ass line-up right there. I can’t imagine they’re going to get much of a positive reaction from that bit of news.

  • I HATE FNL in that slot. They could have not picked a worse slot for FNL. Friday at 10:00pm for a younger show is the least likely slot on any night ( outside of Saturdays) to have “live” viewers. Fans will tivo/dvr the show for sure but your corp audience will be out at the movies on dates etc etc…. and Las Vegas as a lead in?????? NBC’s sexiest show to its family drama?

    Booo NBC

  • Chris

    I don’t know another place on NBC’s schedule where FNL would be safe (really, there are no safe time periods period (heh)!). At least having it on Friday 1) means the expectations for the ratings are lower (which may ensure its survival in the long run) and I can envision a good marketing campaign taking advantage of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS airing on Fridays.

  • Jay

    I can’t beilieve they didn’t bring back The Black Donnelly’s!!! NBC said if it did well on Itunes, it would more likely get picked up!! Every episode has been in the top 10 and the season pass being in the Top 30!! This Sucks!!!

  • mac

    ”Journeyman” (Mondays, 10-11 p.m. ET), a romantic-mystery from the Emmy Award-winning producers of “The West Wing,” concerning a San Francisco newspaper reporter (Kevin McKidd, “Rome”) who inexplicably begins to travel through time and alter people’s lives – can you say QUANTUM LEAP???

  • Tim

    Maybe they will still pick up The Black Donnelly’s to start midseason. They don’t have to announce all programming decisions now, just the fall stuff.

    Friday Nights at 10 = People who are actually interested in the subject of FNL will not be at home to watch the show when it airs. Add to that also the fact that most people go out on fridays and that means another sizable loss of the already tiny FNL audience. Just an awful move by NBC.

  • NikkiHolly

    Yes! FNL is renewed!

    On a much more random note, the poster for the Lipstick Jungle looks a hell of a lot like the first Gossip Girl novel.

  • David

    Speaking of The Black Donnellys, what an ending tonight! I’m glad they at least put the rest of the season online for us. But how can they leave us hanging like that???