CBS UpFront Rumours: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Renewed

Word on the street (and by street I of course mean TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello) is that CBS has come to its senses and renewed one of the best comedies on television — HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER for a third season. This comes as fantastic news to fans of the show who were concerned that CBS would make the unforgivable mistake of cancelling the series before we found out who the heck this often talked about ‘mother’ was.

Unfortunately, THE CLASS isn’t so lucky, as rumour has it that the freshman laugher has been officially dismissed by the Tiffany network. Even though, in this TV Addict’s humble opinion, the show was definitely coming into its own near the latter half of the season.

And finally, the bad news continues if you’re a fan of JERICHO. Variety is reporting that CBS has dropped ANOTHER bomb on the freshman drama, cancelling it after only one season. Who else thought CBS should have showed a little patience with the one show on the network that attracted a young, internet savvy audience?

Tune in tomorrow for the official word from the CBS UpFronts.

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  • Calleigh

    yess! HIMYM is the best sitcom on tv right now. im so glad its coming back! thats bad news about the Class and Jericho though, they were both pretty good shows.

  • I am very happy about HIMYM, but I am surprisingly bummed about Jericho. I just watched a marathon of the last six episodes this past weekend and it got very good at the end. It finally lived up to the potential of the premise, and ended on a huge cliffhanger, and they cancel it. Damn! That sucks.

  • Jere

    Dear CBS and ABC,

    I loved Invasion but you didn’t see it through til the end. Now, it looks like Jericho is going the same direction. Please let your advertisers know that I will not be taking any applications for serial show next year unless they are on Showtime or HBO.

  • Jenny

    I’ll say it again (I’ve mentioned it several places now)… I am extremely extremely unhappy about Jericho. The way they left the end of the season is so very very wrong. I loved that show, especially the part before the hiatus and the last half of after the hiatus. I am very sad. 🙁

  • CC

    I don’t understand about Jericho? I didn’t watch it, but friends of mine do and theyre really upset. I thought it got good ratings and viewership? So I’m confused.

  • Common Sense

    TVAddict has it right, Jericho was the ONLY show CBS had that appealed to a hip, savvy, younger-skewing audience. Wednesday they will cement their reputation as “The Network For Old Geysers.” Oh well, look at Moonves…he’s ONE of the geysers, now…and he wouldn’t know a pop-cult hit if it bit him in his big, fat, smug, arrogant face. On that note, it’s amazing that HIMYM was renewed. Waiting to hear about Christine–a much funnier show than Charlie Sheen’s borefest….but, alas, it’s so slow that old geysers like Moonves can follow the shell of a plot.

  • I loved The Class. As for Jericho, I think the show made a pretty big error: It went small where it needed to go big. Those first few episodes felt like some bizarre version of Little House On The Prarie. Somehow, for me, it just never felt “real.” There was never that sense of panic that one would experience in the aftermath. After the first episode or two, I just gave up on it. I find it hard to believe that Jericho – which felt so old – was CBS’s “youth market” show. If so, that’s… well, kinda sad.

  • Josh

    tralfaz, watching the first episode gives you absolutely zero idea what the show was actually like. I’d say the pilot was probably the weakest episode of the series, period. It was a great show, definitely not “old.”

    Anyway, I’m so pissed off about this. CBS screws the show over with a long hiatus and then can’t even make things right by giving it a chance to grow with a second season. Screw you CBS.

    I’m happy to see HIMYM returning. I’d say that is THE show on that network that appeals to the younger generation, moreso than even Jericho. So they did good there. But one good show doesn’t make a network worthwhile. I’ll watch HIMYM and that’s it.

  • Roxie


    thank you lord!!!!!!!!

    HIMYM def one of my fave comedies everrrr

    this made my night

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I am truly happy about HIMYM, it is the best comedy on CBS and I love every minute of it. I personally liked the Class and if they did cancel it I will be disappointed but do understand it did not get the ratings they wanted. But it was getting better and better as the season went on and I thought getting an audience. As for Jericho I am pretty surprised if they did cancel the show. It was getting okay ratings and had a cult following (me included).

    They are too quick to just cancel a show and throw on some crap reality show because it is cheap to produce. I probably watch about 50% less tv today than I did 5 years ago. I cant take reality or talent shows(yes I HATE AI). I just turn off the tv and go online. At least there is something entertaining to find online.