theTVaddict Sizes Up NBC’s New Shows

bionic woman nbc

At first glance, NBC’s BIONIC WOMAN seems to have it all. Instant name recognition thanks to the original series, a sexy new star (Michelle Ryan) and some serious chick-on-chick fighting. With pop cultures most famous female heroines now benched, that leaves plenty of room for a new lady to ride to our collective rescue. But can the show rise above the somewhat campy images summoned up by its very title? Seeing as the show comes from David Eick — aka the man who made us forget that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Starbuck was once a man — we’re already on board.

chuck nbc

NBC’s most original series revolves around an ordinary computer nerd named Chuck (played by LESS THAN PERFECT’s Zachary Levi) whose life is turned upside-down when he inadvertently downloads all of the government’s secrets into his head (don’t ask how). With CHUCK’s winning combination of humor and action, we’re thinking of selling shirts saying “Geek is the new black.”

lipstick jungle nbc

Why steal when you can go straight to the genetic source and conjure up a clone? That’s what NBC did by turning to SEX & THE CITY creator Candace Bushnell for their kinda new comedy, LIPSTUCK JUNGLE. The series — revolving around three of New ork City’s most powerful women — was the only presentation to elicit genuine laughs from the generally uptight upfront audience. (Of course, if we were trying to decide which shows to invest millions of advertising dollars in based on a few brief clips, we’d probably take the whole thing pretty seriously too!) It’s pretty much impossible to predict how big a show will hit (or flop), but this one looks like a winner. It could be NBC’s version of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

journeyman nbc

NBC’s JOURNEYMAN centres around Dan Vasser (ROME’S Ken McKidd), an ordinary man (is their any other kind?) who’s life is changed dramatically (aren’t they always?) when he finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose. It’s an interseting remise, but if they don’t do a better job of explaining the time travel gimmick during the actual series than they did at yesterday’s presentation, there’s gonna be trouble. Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with D and that stands for “dud!”

life nbc

Detective Charlie Crews spent 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, for a crime we didn’t commit, audiences across the country will be served yet another “cop drama with a twist” that’s sure to be cancelled faster than you can say November Sweeps. All together now… NBC cancelled STUDIO 60 for this?

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  • Common Sense

    Brooke Shields is surprisingly great at comedy, whether in her own series or in guest-roles, such as That 70s Show and Friends. America loves her, and I can’t wait for Lipstick. Good for her…and she still oughtta tell Alien Cruise where to “lip”stick his idiot opinions.

  • Erica

    I watched the promo reel for Journeyman and loved it. Oh great. Another show I intend to love getting cancelled Real Soon Now.

  • Spiffy

    That “LIFE” show has been done in some version over and over before. There was even one on “Pax” a few years ago, before that silly netlet disappeared.

    I was skeptical about the Bionic Woman, despite the cred of its creative team, based mostly on a bad feeling about its star. Maybe it was how haggard she looked in the commercials. But I saw her recently on an English show called “Jekyll” and cleaned up? She’s about a ten out of ten. I’m supposing now she looked haggard in that promo on purpose, you know… having been torn to pieces in an accident.

    If JOURNEYMAN doesn’t have a backing Mythology behind it–if its just “some guy” time traveling… then well… who cares? Networks have to understand its not “science fiction” people love, its world building.

    The commercials for CHUCK suck. Seeing the info here about it I feel a BIT better.

    Whatever else Brooke Shields is or isn’t, she IS a very good comedienne. So that show could actually be okay. I hate that she’s “forgiven” Cruise, because now he’s using that (and her) but I don’t hate HER for it, just him, even more.

  • Vivien Buckley

    The show the Journeyman is a concept borrowed from the acclaimed and great show in Britian called Life on Mars. If anybody gets a chance to see the original it’s well worth it. Fantastic ensemble cast.

  • GG

    Isn’t CHUCK just Jake 2.0 warmed over?

  • annoymous

    i think chuck is awsome. Ihope it doesn’t get cancelled. Ilove how funny Zachary levi is and all the other characters as well. I loooooooooove it!!!!! DON’T CANCEL IT OR THEY’LL BE HELL TO PAY!! Jouneyman is also good.

  • guy with brain

    haha, you guys were idiots.

    ALL of those shows suck except for LIFE.

    Chuck is an idiot, sex in the city is over, Bionic woman ended up being mentally challenged, and journeyman was ridiculous from the start.

    Life is the only one worth watching with interesting plots and GOOD actors, and the underlying theme of him being in jail ties it all together.