theTVaddict Sizes Up ABC’s New Dramas

BIG SHOTS is the story of four friends at the top of their game.. until the women in their lives enter the room. Sound familiar? Think Desperate HouseMEN. But hey, when these men include Michael Vartan (ALIAS) and Dylan McDermott (THE PRACTICE), who’s complaining?

Four ambitious and sexy women try to balance their glamorous and demanding careers with their complex personal lives in the city that never sleeps. WOW, ABC really is going out on a limb with this one! Do viewers need another DESPERATE SEX AND THE CITY mash-up? Our guess is no.

The good — Peter Krause has returned to TV. The bad — if the footage screened at the ABC UpFront is any indication, his return may be short-lived. DIRTY SEXY MONEY did not impress and with a cast featuring the likes of Krause, Donald Sutherland, a Baldwin brother and Samaire Armstrong (THE OC), this TV addict expected a lot more.

Greg Berlanti, the genius behind some of theTVaddict’s favourite shows (namely EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY) returns to television (after taking a ‘break’ to help right the BROTHERS & SISTER ship) with ELI STONE. The story of a successful San Francisco lawyer who tries to find a deeper meaning to his life when he realizes money isn’t everything. Okay, the concept’s a little hokey but what Greg Berlanti writes, this TVaddict will TiVo.

What hasn’t been said about the GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off PRIVATE PRACTICE? Only this: Could Shonda Rhimes and ABC not have taken the time to think of a better title? Was PRIVATE PRACTICE the best we could do? Really?

Every once in awhile, a television show comes along that changes the game. ER revitalized the medical drama, FRIENDS ushered in a new era of comedies and PUSHING DAISIES will, well we’re not actually sure what DAISIES will do. The one thing we can promise you is that it’s unlike anything on television (which is a good thing) and you’ll fall in love with DAISIES the moment they spring to life. Yup, you heard it here first folks. PUSHING DAISIES is the fall’s next big hit.


Tune in tomorrow for theTVaddict’s take on ABC’s new drama offerings. And yes, CAVEMEN is just as bad of an idea on screen as it is on paper. Really, truly dreadful.

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  • Jenny

    I’m really really looking forward to Women’s Murder Club cause I LOVE the book series it’s based on. I’m hoping it gets better than people are saying! 🙁

  • Jenny,

    I’m a big James patterson fan as well, but quite honestly the preview for W.M.C. was less than inspiring. Another cop show, with a twist…. WOW.

    That and quite frankly, everything compared to PUSHING DAISIES looks bad… wow, what an original looking preview. Consider me the unofficial driver of the PUSHING DAISIES bandwagon.

  • Common Sense

    PREDICTION: (We’re now sadly & acutely aware of the bottom-feeder IQ’s of the viewing public) Thus, I’m going to say, sight unseen, that America will reject “Pushing Daisies,” and will be oddly fascinated by Cavemen.

    If I’m right in this…and let’s face it, that’s a real possibility…let’s all vow to just drop prime time viewing altogether.

  • tdot

    Cavemen, this show sounds so stupid to say the least!

  • Common Sense, I will join you in abandoning primetime viewing if Cavemen scores and Pushing Daisies, my favorite of the new shows so far, gets ignored by America!!!

  • At this point, Pushing Daisies seems to be my number one “looking forward” to show from all the networks.