theTVaddict Turns Paparazzi II

heroes upfront pics

The one drawback from spending a week in New York covering the UpFronts is that I’m missing all of my favourite shows (once again, God Bless TiVo). Thankfully, unlike in Canada, US networks are on the cutting edge when it comes to streaming video and I was able to easily catch up with Monday’s episode of HEROES late last night courtesy of (sponsored by Fedility Investments — you see Madison Ave, online advertising works!).

Talk about a death toll — Linderman, D.L. (although he looked pretty ‘alive’ at NBC’s UpFront presentation) and Thompson. Star Adrian Pasdar put it best when he said, “I signed on to do Heroes and I wound up being on Survivor. So I’m just trying to stick around for season two.”

heroes upfront pics

heroes upfront pics

heroes upfront pics

heroes upfront pics

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  • Man. I am not usually a Ventimiglia fan but that is a FANTASTIC picture.

    I love that Pasdar quote.

  • JennyC

    You are so lucky TV Addict!! Was it so exciting to see the whole cast live? Also, did you get to interview or speak with some of them?

  • Erica

    Who’s the funny guy in the checked shirt behind that great looking dude in orange?


  • tdot

    Nice photog skills ther mr. tvaddict!
    I hope we get some good scoop on the next Posdcast!