Live Blogging the FOX UpFront

3:59PM: Welcome to’s live blog of the 2007 FOX UpFront.

4:03PM: FOX President Peter Liguori has 1 hour to complete his 2007 UpFront. So says Jack Bauer in a pretty funny opening video.

4:06PM: The head of FOX sales is talking about FOX Sports. Uh, this is theTVaddict, not theSPORTSaddict… let’s get to the good stuff.

4:12PM: It only took twelve minutes to mention FOX’s other property MySpace. Holy Corporate Synergy Batman!

4:14PM: Another MySpace message. By the way, did you know theTVaddict is on myspace at

4:18PM: Yeah! Less baseball in the fall on FOX. Again, this isn’t theSPORTSaddict.

4:19PM: You heard it here first. HOUSE has been awarded the prestigious post-superbowl timeslot. A welcome change from last season’s snooze inducing CRIMINAL MINDS.

4:20PM: FOX is promising only good shows this season. Which will no doubt be a change from the previous UpFronts where they promised medicore shows.

4:24PM: Back2You is genuinely funny. Trust me, it takes a lot to make a group of cynical reporters laugh.

4:25PM: Watching clips from Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new project THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES. Oh how I’ve missed Amy Sherman-Palladino’s blink and you’ll miss dialogue. Trust me GILMORE fans, you’ll love this.

4:30PM: Rashida Jones outside THE OFFICE! Yup, her comedy THE RULES FOR STARTING OVER has officially been picked up. That noise you hear… a sigh of relief from Jim and Pam fans everywhere.

4:33PM: Groan… FOX is highlighting its ‘alternative’ programming (reality TV). Bathroom break for half the room.


4:45PM: NEW AMSTERDAM brings us yet another New York cop show. What’s the twist you ask…. wait for it…. John Amsterdam is immortal (OMG!). Now he’s using his lifetime (literally) of experience to help others (Double OMG!)… all that and he’s an alcoholic. DRIVE was cancelled why?

4:48PM: NEW AMSTERDAM is produced by Lasse Hallstrom and stars newcomer Coster Waldau.. try saying that three times fast.

4:50PM: The good, CANTERBURY’S LAW brings Julianne Marguilies back to TV. The bad, she’s on Thursday night at 9PM. Does FOX really expect LAW to survive against GREY’S, THE OFFICE, CSI and SUPERNATURAL. I smell another ‘brilliant but cancelled.’

4:52PM: THE SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES. Liguori goes out of his way to make clear that John Conner is not gay. Joking aside, the series looks fantastic. FIREFLY’S Summer Glau kicks some serious butt! May be theTVaddict’s most anticipated premiere.

4:59PM: As promised, one hour exactly. Kudos FOX.

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  • Can someone ask will they allow their new shows more than four episodes to develop a following?

  • Also, what kind of success have they had from cancelling shows only to air the unaired episodes on Myspace?

  • FOX should really leave reality TV alone. They don’t do it right.

    I must be the only one that loves Jim and Karen together. 🙁

  • God, I want reality television to go away. except, of course, the shows I like.

  • Yes Nina… you are the only one who likes Jim and Karen together. Jim and Pam are the new Ross and Rachel!

  • I may be biased because I adore Rashida Jones. I loved her on Boston Public.

    Tralfaz, I agree. All reality shows must die with the exception of the best two, “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and my two summer guilty pleasures, “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “Big Brother” I supposed FOX has SYTYCD going for it. After last night, I’m so over AI.

  • I think it’s the sign of a great triangle that I love Jim with both women. That’s good writing. Meanwhile, I’m interested in how K-Ville will handle the whole post-Katrina thing. I don’t want to see them walking on eggshells, but how real will they get?

  • Hmmm, Homicide was one of the best shows in my opinion. But I don’t know…K-Ville automatically makes me think of K-Fed, and then I feel dirty.

  • I can’t think of anything snarky to say about New Amsterdam to be honest. It’s exactly the kind of show I’d watch. Don’t judge me!

  • Why so many cop shows? Surely there are other professions out there. How about bloggers? Why has nobody picked up on this new “blogger” trend thing – I hear it’s pretty popular – and done a show about them? (which could, of course, tie into Myspace… Hello, Fox? Are you listening?) Why don’t I have my own network?

  • I’d rather have seen Sci-Fi pick up that miniseries Julianne did: The Lost Room. That was really good and had great potential for a series. To be honest, I’m not interested in her enough to tune in to this. And isn’t there some kind of rule that there can only be so many shows on the airwaves at one time with the word “Law” in the title?

  • Is SCC (aka terminator light) sci-fi-y? Special effects? Or just kinda chase scenes? (I always hate sci-fi set in the present… it seems like a cheap route so you can avoid doing futuristic – aka cool – stuff)

  • Yeah, Julianne is not enough to make me watch a show. And I agree, The Lost Room was really good. The way it ended left me with hope that it may return as a series.

  • Thanks for the info, TA!!

  • I think I saw him taking a drink in that last New Amsterdam clip, so I’m thinking the alcoholic thing might have just been a teaser. Or not.

    I thought the K-Ville footage looked great!

    Sarah Connor Chronicles.. well I like it, but most of the country aren’t sci-fi nerds. Summer Glau can’t hurt.

  • Thanks for stopping by Nina!

  • Erica

    Tritto the “Lost Room” love. But I’m not holding my breath. I don’t think the ratings were good enough for a series.

  • Tim

    I headed over to and watched some clips of “Back to you” and it looks like it will be good. Almost Sports Night-like(not totally, just a few parts of the “Sports Night” formula). The fast, snappy dialogue, the walking/talking routine.

  • Nadine

    4:20PM: FOX is promising only good shows this season. Which will no doubt be a change from the previous UpFronts where they promised medicore shows.

    *lol* Maybe they didn’t promise it but they sure did it anyway 😉
    This year I will only get into “The Return of Jezebel James”. I won’t start another FOX show until it has been renewed for another season. I can’t stand it anymore to start liking a show and two weeks later it vanishes into thin air.
    So, you liked TRoJJ, TV addict? Was it anything like GG or completely different? Because Ausiello said he found it “surprisingly generic”… Well, I’ll watch the pilot anyways, still it’s interesting to hear different opinions about it.
    What other shows did appeal to you during the Upfronts? I’m trying to narrow down my list of pilots I’ll watch because so far almost every pilot is on it *g* I’m afraid to miss out on something good. Happened with FNL, only got into that through like halfway of the season…

  • Tim Wilkins

    Okay, I admit to not knowing anything about the Terminator movies. but what’s up with the “he is not gay.” Was he in the movie? Just curious. Maybe I should rent the movies while nothing is on this summer. Can’t wait for Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose in “jezebel.”